Two masters for one zone

Barry Finkel b19141 at
Mon Aug 4 12:36:27 UTC 2003

Simon Waters <Simon at> write, in part:

>Anyone actually tried this in practice other than MS? I suspect the
>theoretical problems are far worse than what actually occur in practice,
>although I didn't see any "something bad happened" dialogues in the ADS
>implementation, so either Microsoft solved it (so a solution exists) or
>we can have some fun messing with the bugs.

Look at MS KB article 282826 (a revision of Q282826), where there is
this text:

      Note The multiple-master replication behavior of an Active
      Directory-integrated Domain Name System (DNS) zone can
      cause inconsistencies with serial numbers of the zone
      across multiple DNS servers. It is not possible to
      retrieve information (pull or source) from multiple Active
      Directory-integrated primary DNS servers to a secondary
      DNS server for the same Active Directory-integrated zone.
      This was possible and frequently done with conventional
      single-master DNS.  However, because serial numbers are
      maintained separately on each Active Directory-integrated
      DNS server, the mechanism for determining whether the
      secondary DNS server has the most-recent copy may will
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