BIND 8.2.2 (T4B) is available for general testing

Paul A Vixie vixie at
Thu Sep 23 21:13:54 UTC 1999

Confidence: moderate.  This is running on part of F.ROOT-SERVERS.NET and
on all of our local production servers.  The only reasons it's not a full
release candidate are that IXFR is still disabled and we're still tinkering
with the NT support and with the UPDATE api.

Highlights vs. BIND 8.2.1:

	Preliminary support for Windows/NT (thanks to BayNetworks).
	More fixes, especially to DNSSEC, TSIG, IXFR, and selective forwarding.
	More portability improvements and lint removal (A/UX 3.1.1, SCO 5.0).
	Better NOTIFY behaviour, especially with large update volume.
	Better UPDATE handling, including SRV RR support and RFC compliance.
	Fix for "ndc reload ZONENAME" (specific zone reload) problems.
	Fix for round robin when multiple CNAMEs are in use.
	New "min-roots" (MINROOTS) and "serial-queries" (MAXQSERIAL) options.
	Log files are no longer auto-rotated every time the server starts up.
	New "ndc reconfig" command only finds new/deleted zones, no stat()ing.
	New global options for "update-source" and "also-notify".
	$GENERATE now supports more record types, and options.

the distribution files are:

the pgp signature files are:

the md5 checksums are:

487833ea655e368b4614e4965cb86c61 bind-contrib.tar.gz
4df2458781b15b346d57ccc41867197c bind-contrib.tar.gz.asc
197f0adb8f6e605a696f343d671422f4 bind-doc.tar.gz
a5b1060cb8369737f7b25964932d2460 bind-doc.tar.gz.asc
5b83ee737940ffd56a01deac05d19476 bind-src.tar.gz
8c7e1b75584c9c76f8dd23a70def9637 bind-src.tar.gz.asc

top of CHANGES says:

	--- 8.2.2-T4B released ---

 816.	[bug]		you could not raise the number of available file
			descriptors after the first call to res_send() and
			make use of them.

 815.	[feature]	report version via command line option (-v).

 814.	[feature]	getipnodebyname, getipnodebyaddr and freehostent added.
			These are RFC 2553 newcomers to the RFC 2133 set.

 813.	[support]	better diagnostics when trying to clean up old
			unix control socket.

 812.	[bug]		uninitalised variable.

 811.	[port]		sco50 make links was not linking resolv.h.diffs

 810.	[bug]		zone transfer did not transfer all DNSSEC records
			at delegation points. 

 809.	[support]	res_[n]sendupdate has died before it could be used.

 808.	[bug]		res_send() wasn't checking for EINTR after select().

 807.	[support]	it's now possible to send TSIG'd updates.

 806.	[support]	ns_parserr() was uncompressing from the wrong base
			in a certain corner case trod on by res_findzonecut().

 805.	[bug]		only set SO_LINGER if required by the OS,
			#define DO_SO_LINGER to do so.

 804.	[bug]		another swath of IXFR fixes.

 803.	[port]		Compaq Tru64 UNIX 4.0B with ZK3's experimental IPv6 kit
			installed will at least build, but hasn't been tested.

 802.	[support]	we no longer cache NXDOMAIN if the QTYPE was SOA.

 801.	[bug]		our negative caching logic would log spurious errors
			if the response had an empty question section.

 800.	[bug]		#764 was too aggressive in one case.

 799.	[port]		ultrix is a still-moving target.

 798.	[support]	QRYLOG now logs the QCLASS

 797.	[bug]		closing a thread which had called get*by*() would
			leak memory.

 796.	[support]	deallocate_on_exit now frees memory allocated by irs.

 795.	[port]		solaris 2.4 SO_REUSEADDR generates errors on
			unix domain sockets.

 794.	[bug]		ixfr_have_log() was logging wrong file name.

 793.	[bug]		clean_cache() was not alway removing complete RRsets.

 792.	[bug]		deallocate-on-exit caused references to freed memory.

 791.	[support]	MEMCLUSTER_DEBUG had an array size error.

 790.	[bug]		fix minor memory leak in ixfr code.

 789.	[bug]		#669 was too aggressive. more than cached data was

 788.	[bugs]		improvements to tsig and dnssec.

 787.	[port]		win/nt lint.

 786.	[port]		IRIX and emul_ioctl().

 785.	[bug]		#780 broke A record update support.

 784.	[bugs]		still trying to get IXFR working again.

	--- 8.2.2-T3B released ---

 783.	[support]	make res_send() more friendly to the java scheduler.

 782.	[support]	dangling cnames aren't errors, stop logging them.

 781.	[support]	add -n option to ndc command, to run nonstandard named.

 780.	[bug]		UPDATE did not support the AAAA RR.

 779.	[bug]		miscellaneous IXFR fixes.

 778.	[support]	don't complain to syslog about negative caching RRs.

	--- 8.2.2-T2B released ---

 777.	[bug]		getword() didn't increment lineno at EOF.

 776.	[bug]		the NOERROR_NODATA cookie overlapped a valid rcode.

 775.	[protocol]	we weren't sending properly formated FORMERR responses.

 774.	[bug]		UPDATE did not support the SRV RR.

 773.	[bug]		named-xfer was calling inet_ntoa in one printf.

 772.	[typo]		Typo in ns_parser.y on maybe_zero_port: line.

 771.	[lint]		UNLINK performs a INIT_LINK so explicit INIT_LINK's
			are nolonger needed after UNLINK.

 770.	[protocol]	dynamic update prerequisites were inappropiately
			matching wildcards, at variance with RFC 2136.

 769.	[bug]		ordering of CNAMES was driven by original query type.

 768.	[support]	MINROOTS is now a configuration option "min-roots".

 767.	[clarity]	adjust XFR log messages to be more clear about cause.

 766.	[support]	add "serial-queries" option to dynamify MAXQSERIAL.

 765.	[feature]	added evInitID() and evTestID() for NOTIFY work.

 764.	[bug]		DNSSEC changed the semantics of match() without
			changing all the call sites that cared about it.

 763.	[bug]		NOTIFY events caused by dynamic update weren't being
			deferred, and multiple NOTIFY events weren't being

 762.	[support]	don't rotate log file versions on server startup.

 761.	[port]		named-xfer's openlog() was unconditionally using the
			LOG_CONS option.  now it does what named does.

	--- 8.2.2-T1A released ---

 760.	[port]		preliminary win/nt from baynetworks (thanks!)

 759.	[support]	new compile time option BIND_IXFR, defaults to "off",
			since our testing has shown up some problems with it.

 758.	[feature]	new "ndc reconfig" command only finds new/gone zones,
			doesn't stat() master files or qserial() slave SOA's.

 757.	[support]	FORCED_RELOAD is no longer optional.

 756.	[support]	fixed output format of hmac keys; removed DST chaff.

 755.	[feature]	"also-notify" is now a global option.

 754.	[bug]		the control socket was not checked for event lib

 753.	[feature]	"ndc help" now returns one line command summaries.

 752.	[feature]	"ndc trace" now takes an optional "level" argument.

 751.	[support]	debugging output could segfault in ns_print.c::addstr.

 750.	[port]		A/UX 3.1.1.

 749.	[port]		#9 has now been done for all Makefiles.

 748.	[feature]	"transfer-source" is now a global option.

 747.	[support]	SORT_RESPONSE is no longer a compile time option, since
			the behaviour can be turned off at runtime with the
			"rrset_order fixed;" option.

 746.	[bug]		don't bother rescanning the interfaces if setuid!=root.

 745.	[protocol]	IXFR transmission was just plain wrong in some cases.

 744.	[support]	allow the calling location of strings to be recorded.

 743.	[feature]	$GENERATE now supports more record types, and options.

 742.	[port]		port/sco50 was using /usr/local/etc for its ndc socket.

 741.	[port]		HPUX needed __BIND_RES_TEXT.

 740.	[bug]		#634 had the unfortunate side effect of disabling IXFR.

 739.	[port]		probe for IPv6 structures, solaris openbsd freebsd

 738.	[bug]	 	invalidate pointers back into linked list when element
			is removed.

 737.	[port]		solaris: expr is sensitive to LC_COLLATE

 736.	[bug]		potential single file descriptor leak opening

 735.	[bug]		memory leak: having rrset-order set and reconfiguring
			the server results in a memory leak.

 734.	[port]		linux only fills in as many entries as will fill the
			buffer with SIOCGIFCONF.

 733.	[bug]		RD is not being set on first message to first forwarder
			resulting in false "Lame Server" reports and degraded

 732.	[bug]		errors reading keys from master files could cause the
			the server to drop core.

 731.	[bug]		highestFD was not reflecting the highest value the
			library could cope with.

 730.	[port]		rand() does not modify the LSB on BSD based systems.

 729.	[bug]		allow-query responses were dependent upon cache

 728.	[bug]		it wasn't possible to specify the flags of trusted keys
			in hex, which was inconvenient since dig prints hex.

 727.	[bug]		TSIG keys weren't properly shared with named-xfer if
			the zone named contained a slash (/).

 726.	[bug]		TSIG keys weren't reloaded correctly with 'ndc reload'.

 725.	[bug]		only the first key in an acl was matched correctly.

 724.	[bug]		"ndc restart" needed a short delay before checking
			for the health of a newly started name server.

 723.	[bug]		TSIG signed zone transfer failed on especially
			large zones.

 722.	[doc]		the example named.conf file had invalid TSIG usage.

 721.	[bug]		duplicate records were tripping the cname-and-otherdata
			test, which wasn't necessary since they'll be ignored.

 720.	[port]		solaris doesn't have gethostid() the way we build.

 719.	[lint]		lots of lint fixed by bob and paul.

 718.	[bug]		multiple CNAME support was not cycling the cnames in 
			an RRset properly.

 717.	[bug]		wrong /bin/ps flags in solaris prand_conf.h.  minor
			tweak to ports/prand_conf/prand_conf.c to ensure proper
			flags in future ports.

 716.	[bug]		log files are now closed/reopened on a size basis.

 715.	[clarity]	root servers don't need to be primed.

 714.	[typo]		extra "q" in a message in ns_maint.c.

	--- 8.2.1 released ---

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