Announcing the release of BIND 9.1.0b2

Andreas Gustafsson Andreas.Gustafsson at
Fri Dec 29 20:16:13 UTC 2000

BIND 9.1.0b2 has been released.  It fixes a number of bugs in 9.1.0b1
and adds some new features such as a multithreaded DNSSEC signer and
support for "rndc dumpdb" command.

BIND 9.1.0b2 can be downloaded from:

The PGP signature of the distribution is at

The signature was generated with the ISC public key, which is available
at <>.

A list of changes made since 9.1.0b1 follows.  For earlier changes,
see the file CHANGES in the distribution.


 641.	[bug]		$GENERATE caused a uninitialized link to be used.
			[RT #595]

 640.	[bug]		Memory leak in error path could cause
			"mpctx->allocated == 0" failure. [RT #584]

 639.	[bug]		Reading entropy from the keyboard would sometimes fail.
			[RT #591]

 638.	[port]		lib/isc/random.c needed to explicitly include
			time.h explicitly to get a prototype for time() when
			pthreads was not being used. [RT #592]

 637.	[port]		Use isc_u?int64_t instead of (unsigned) long long in
			lib/isc/print.c.  Also allow lib/isc/print.c to
			be compiled even if the platform does not need it.
			[RT #592]

 636.	[port]		Shut up MSVC++ about a possible loss of precision
			in the ISC__BUFFER_PUTUINT*() macros. [RT #592]

 635.	[bug]		Reloading a server with a configured blackhole list
			would cause an assertion. [RT #590]

 634.	[bug]		A log file will completely stop being written when
			it reaches the maximum size in all cases, not just
			when versioning is also enabled. [RT #570]

 633.	[port]		Cope with rlim_t missing on BSD/OS systems. [RT #575]

 632.	[bug]		The index array of the journal file was 
			corrupted as it was written to disk.

 631.	[port]		Build without thread support on systems without

 630.	[bug]		Locking failure in zone code. [RT #582]

 629.	[bug]		9.1.0b1 dereferenced a null pointer and crashed
			when responding to a UDP IXFR request.

 628.	[bug]		If the root hints contained only AAAA addresses,
			named would be unable to perform resolution.

 627.	[bug]		The EDNS0 blackhole detection code of changed 324
			waited for three retransmissions to each server,
			which takes much too long when a domain has many
			name servers and all of them drop EDNS0 queries.
			Now we retry without EDNS0 after three consecutive
			timeouts, even if they are all from different
			servers. [RT #143]

 626.	[bug]		The lightweight resolver daemon no longer crashes
			when asked for a SIG rrset. [RT #558]

 625.	[func]		Zones now inherit their class from the enclosing view.

 624.	[bug]		The zone object could get timer events after it had
			been destroyed, causing a server crash. [RT #571]

 623.	[func]		Added "named-checkconf" and "named-checkzone" program
			for syntax checking named.conf files and zone files,

 622.	[bug]		A canceled request could be destroyed before
			dns_request_destroy() was called. [RT #562]

 621.	[port]		Disable IPv6 at runtime if IPv6 sockets are unusable.
			This mostly affects Red Hat Linux 7.0, which has
			conflicts between libc and the kernel.

 620.	[bug]		dns_master_load*inc() now require 'task' and 'load'
			to be non-null.	 Also 'done' will not be called if
			dns_master_load*inc() fails immediately. [RT #565]

 618.	[bug]		Queries to a signed zone could sometimes cause
			an assertion failure.

 617.	[bug]		When using dynamic update to add a new RR to an
			existing RRset with a different TTL, the journal
			entries generated from the update did not include
			explicit deletions and re-additions of the existing
			RRs to update their TTL to the new value.

 616.	[func]		dnssec-signzone -t output now includes performance

 615.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone did not like child keysets signed 
			by multiple keys.

 614.	[bug]		Checks for uninitialized link fields were prone
			to false positives, causing assertion failures.
			The checks are now disabled by default and may
			be re-enabled by defining ISC_LIST_CHECKINIT.

 613.	[bug]		"rndc reload zone" now reloads primary zones.
			It previously only updated slave and stub zones,
			if an SOA query indicated an out of date serial.

 612.	[cleanup]	Shutup a ridiculously noisy HP-UX compiler that
			complains relentlessly about how its treatment
			of 'const' has changed as well as how casting
			sometimes tightens alignment constraints.

 611.	[func]		allow-notify can be used to permit processing of
			notify messages from hosts other than a slave's

 610.	[func]		rndc dumpdb is now supported.

 609.	[bug]		getrrsetbyname() would crash lwresd if the server
			found more SIGs than answers. [RT #554]

 608.	[func]		dnssec-signzone now adds a comment to the zone
			with the time the file was signed.

 607.	[bug]		nsupdate would fail if it encountered a CNAME or
			DNAME in a response to an SOA query. [RT #515]

 606.	[bug]		Compiling with --disable-threads failed due
			to isc_thread_self() being incorrectly defined
			as an integer rather than a function.

 605.	[func]		New function isc_lex_getlasttokentext().

 604.	[bug]		The named.conf parser could print incorrect line
			numbers when long comments were present.

 603.	[bug]		Make dig handle multiple types or classes on the same
			query more correctly.

 602.	[func]		Cope automatically with UnixWare's broken
			IN6_IS_ADDR_* macros. [RT #539]

 601.	[func]		Return a non-zero exit code if an update fails
			in nsupdate.

 600.	[bug]		Reverse lookups sometimes failed in dig, etc...

 599.	[func]		Added four new functions to the libisc log API to
			support i18n messages.	isc_log_iwrite(),
			isc_log_ivwrite(), isc_log_iwrite1() and
			isc_log_ivwrite1() were added.

 598.	[bug]		An update-policy statement would cause the server
			to assert while loading. [RT #536]

 597.	[func]		dnssec-signzone is now multithreaded.

			not mutually exclusive.

 595.	[port]		On Linux 2.2, socket() returns EINVAL when it
			should return EAFNOSUPPORT.  Work around this.
			[RT #531]

 594.	[func]		sdb drivers are now assumed to not be thread-safe
			unless the DNS_SDBFLAG_THREADSAFE flag is supplied.

 593.	[bug]		If a secure zone was missing all its NXTs and
			a dynamic update was attempted, the server entered
			an infinite loop.

 592.	[bug]		The sig-validity-interval option now specifies a
			number of days, not seconds.  This matches the
			documentation. [RT #529]

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