Announcing the release of BIND 9.2.0b1

Andreas Gustafsson Andreas.Gustafsson at
Wed Jul 18 03:32:40 UTC 2001

BIND 9.2.0b1 is now available.  This is the first beta release of
BIND 9.2.0, which contains a number of new features over BIND 9.1.
Several bugs have been fixed and some minor features have been
added since 9.2.0a3.

The OpenSSL library is no longer included with the distribution.
This means that to use DNSSEC, OpenSSL must be installed and the
--with-openssl option must be supplied to configure.  This does not
apply to the use of TSIG, which does not require OpenSSL.

BIND 9.2.0b1 can be downloaded from

The PGP signature of the distribution is at

The signature was generated with the ISC public key, which is available
at <>.

A list of changes made since 9.2.0a1 follows.  For earlier changes,
see the file CHANGES in the distribution.


	--- 9.2.0b1 released ---

 939.	[port]		Add the --disable-linux-caps option to configure for
 			systems that manage capabilities outside of named.
			[RT #1503]

 938.	[placeholder]

 937.	[bug]		A race when shutting down a zone could trigger a
			INSIST() failure. [RT #1034]

 936.	[func]		Warn about IPv4 addresses that are not complete
			dotted quads. [RT #1084]

 935.	[bug]		inet_pton failed to reject leading zeros.

 934.	[port]		Deal with systems where accept() spuriously returns

 933.	[bug]		configure failed doing libbind on platforms not
			supported by BIND 8.  [RT #1496]

	--- 9.2.0a3 released ---

			when installing
			[RT #198, #1466]

 931.	[bug]		The controls statement only attempted to verify
			messages using the first key in the key list.
			(9.2.0a1/a2 only).

 930.	[func]		Query performance testing tool added as

 929.	[placeholder]

 928.	[bug]		nsupdate would send empty update packets if the
			send (or empty line) command was run after
			another send but before any new updates or
			prerequisites were specified.  It should simply
			ignore this command.

 927.	[bug]		Don't hold the zone lock for the entire dump to disk.
			[RT #1423]

 926.	[bug]		The resolver could deadlock with the ADB when
			shutting down (multithreaded builds only).
			[RT #1324]

 925.	[cleanup]	Remove openssl from the distribution; require that
			--with-openssl be specified if DNSSEC is needed.

 924.	[port]		Extend support for pre-RFC2133 IPv6 implementation.
			[RT #987]

 923.	[bug]		Multiline TSIG secrets (and other multiline strings)
			were not accepted in named.conf. [RT #1469]

 922.	[func]		Added two new lwres_getrrsetbyname() result codes,

 921.	[bug]		lwres returned an incorrect error code if it received
			a truncated message.

 920.	[func]		Increase the lwres receive buffer size to 16K.
			[RT #1451]

 919.	[placeholder]

 918.	[func]		In nsupdate, TSIG errors are no longer treated as
			fatal errors.

 917.	[func]		New nsupdate command 'key', allowing TSIG keys to
			be specified in the nsupdate command stream rather
			than the command line.

 916.	[bug]		Specifying type ixfr to dig without specifying
			a serial number failed in unexpected ways.

 915.	[func]		The named-checkconf and named-checkzone programs
			now have a '-v' option for printing their version.
			[RT #1151]

 914.	[bug]		Global 'server' statements were rejected when
			using views, even though they were accepted
			in 9.1. [RT #1368]

 913.	[bug]		Cache cleaning was not sufficiently aggressive.
			[RT #1441, #1444]

 912.	[bug]		Attempts to set the 'additional-from-cache' or
			'additional-from-auth' option to 'no' in a
			server with recursion enabled will now
			be ignored and cause a warning message.
			[RT #1145]

 911.	[placeholder]

 910.	[port]		Some pre-RFC2133 IPv6 implementations do not define
			IN6ADDR_ANY_INIT. [RT #1416]

 908.	[func]		New program, rndc-confgen, to simplify setting up rndc.

 907.	[func]		The ability to get entropy from either the
			random device, a user-provided file or from
			the keyboard was migrated from the DNSSEC tools
			to libisc as isc_entropy_usebestsource().

 906.	[port]		Separated the system independent portion of
			lib/isc/unix/entropy.c into lib/isc/entropy.c
			and added lib/isc/win32/entropy.c.

 905.	[bug]		Configuring a forward "zone" for the root domain
			did not work. [RT #1418]

 904.	[bug]		The server would leak memory if attempting to use
			an expired TSIG key. [RT #1406]

 903.	[bug]		dig should not crash when receiving a TCP packet
			of length 0.

 902.	[bug]		The -d option was ignored if both -t and -g were also

 901.	[placeholder]

 900.	[bug]		A config.guess update changed the system identification
			string of FreeBSD systems; configure and
			bin/tests/system/ now recognize the new

	--- 9.2.0a2 released ---

 899.	[bug]		lib/dns/soa.c failed to compile on many platforms
			due to inappropriate use of a void value.
			[RT #1372, #1373, #1386, #1387, #1395]

 898.	[bug]		"dig" failed to set a nonzero exit status
			on UDP query timeout. [RT #1323]

 897.	[bug]		A config.guess update changed the system identification
			string of UnixWare systems; configure now recognizes
			the new string.

 896.	[bug]		If a configuration file is set on named's command line
			and it has a relative pathname, the current directory
			(after any possible jailing resulting from named -t)
			will be prepended to it so that reloading works
			properly even when a directory option is present.

 895.	[func]		New function, isc_dir_current(), akin to POSIX's

 894.	[bug]		When using the DNSSEC tools, a message intended to warn
			when the keyboard was being used because of the lack
			of a suitable random device was not being printed.

 893.	[func]		Removed isc_file_test() and added isc_file_exists()
			for the basic functionality that was being added
			with isc_file_test().

 892.	[placeholder]

 891.	[bug]		Return an error when a SIG(0) signed response to
			an unsigned query is seen.  This should actually
			do the verification, but it's not currently
			possible. [RT #1391]

 890.	[cleanup]	The man pages no longer require the mandoc macros
			and should now format cleanly using most versions of
			nroff, and HTML versions of the man pages have been
			added.	Both are generated from DocBook source.

 889.	[port]		Eliminated blank lines before .TH in nroff man
			pages since they cause problems with some versions
			of nroff. [RT #1390]

 888.	[bug]		Don't die when using TKEY to delete a nonexistent
			TSIG key. [RT #1392]

 887.	[port]		Detect broken compilers that can't call static
			functions from inline functions.  [RT #1212]

 866.	[func]		Close debug only file channels when debug is set to
			zero. [RT #1246]

 865.	[bug]		The new configuration parser did not allow
			the optional debug level in a "severity debug"
			clause of a logging channel to be omitted.
			This is now allowed and treated as "severity
			debug 1;" like it does in BIND 8.2.4, not as
			"severity debug 0;" like it did in BIND 9.1.
			[RT #1367]

 864.	[cleanup]	Multithreading is now enabled by default on
			OSF1, Solaris 2.7 and newer, AIX, IRIX, and HP-UX.

 863.	[bug]		If an error occurred while an outgoing zone transfer
			was starting up, the server could access a domain
			name that had already been freed when logging a
			message saying that the transfer was starting. 
			[RT #1383]

 862.	[bug]		Use after realloc(), non portable pointer arithmetic in

 861.	[port]		Add support for Mac OS X, by making it equivalent
			to Darwin.  This was derived from the config.guess
			file shipped with Mac OS X. [RT #1355]

 860.	[func]		Drop cross class glue in zone transfers.

 859.	[bug]		Cache cleaning now won't swamp the CPU if there
			is a persistent overlimit condition.

 858.	[func]		isc_mem_setwater() no longer requires that when the
			callback function is non-NULL then its hi_water
			argument must be greater than its lo_water argument
			(they can now be equal) or that they be non-zero.

 857.	[cleanup]	Use ISC_MAGIC() to define all magic numbers for
			structs, for our friends in EBCDIC-land.

 856.	[func]		Allow partial rdatasets to be returned in answer and
			authority sections to help non-TCP capable clients
			recover from truncation.  [RT #1301]

 855.	[bug]		Stop spurious "using RFC 1035 TTL semantics" warnings.

 854.	[bug]		The config parser didn't properly handle config
			options that were specified in units of time other
			than seconds.  [RT #1372]

 853.	[bug]		configure_view_acl() failed to detach existing acls.
			[RT #1374]

 852.	[bug]		Handle responses from servers which do not know
			about IXFR.

 851.	[cleanup]	The obsolete support-ixfr option was not properly

	--- 9.2.0a1 released ---

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