BIND 8.2.4 public release

Paul A Vixie vixie at
Thu May 17 17:21:10 UTC 2001

Highlights vs. BIND 8.2.3:

	Fixes long-standing protocol incompatibility in DNSSEC support.
	Avoids fwd'ing to root name servers if response will be rejected.
	new port/cygwin contributed by s_c_biggs at
	new contrib/mdnkit (V1.3) from author.
	new contrib/adm from official ftp site.
	new contrib/host from author.
	new contrib/dnsp from author.
	fixed file descriptor leak in resolver.
	numerous portability improvements.
	numerous bug fixes.

the distribution files are:

the pgp signature files are:

the md5 checksums are:

MD5 (bind-contrib.tar.gz) = e65bfb1523349a206acd8cca375aea22
MD5 (bind-contrib.tar.gz.asc) = d75ad0167a5a1f1de85549cfe51d7dac
MD5 (bind-doc.tar.gz) = 62b4fdc9874404b8eba7419847fc3397
MD5 (bind-doc.tar.gz.asc) = 73d3a2dc0aa087f0f7ff0c42bcbe314e
MD5 (bind-src.tar.gz) = f4d120b90a131bce6bed1f6eaac156cd
MD5 (bind-src.tar.gz.asc) = 53602ef8252f30c0a8a07cc4796c0ce4

top of CHANGES says:

        --- 8.2.4-REL released --- (Wed May  9 14:36:23 PDT 2001)

1212.   [bug]           some function declarations wern't protected by
                        __BEGIN_DECL/__END_DECL in resolv.h.

1211.   [port]          next: openstep is now supported as well as nextstep.

1210.   [port]          add: SCO Unix 5.0.6.

1209.   [port]          winnt: issues.

        --- 8.2.4-T2B released --- (Thu May  3 05:48:14 PDT 2001)

1207.   [contrib]       new h2n from author.

1206.   [bug]           ixfr_getdelta() uninitialised variable used.

1205.   [bug]           parse_cert_rr() passes wrong buffer size to b64_pton().

1204.   [bug]           memory leak: pathname leaked specifing controls unix.

1203.   [bug]           detect corrupted ixfr logs.

1202.   [bug]           memory leak: dynamic update was leaking.

1200.   [bug]           memory leak: when following CNAMES from of req_query().

1199.   [bug]           memory leak: when defining keys.

1195.   [bug]           memory leak: include in named.conf leaked file name.

1194.   [port]          MPE/IX port updated by Mark Bixby of the
                        HP CSY MPE/iX Internet & Interoperability Team.

1193.   [port]          winnt: path separator.

1192.   [bug]           winnt: fix accept failures.

1191.   [port]          winnt: a CLI tool for controling named 'BINDcmd' now

1190.   [contrib]       nslint upgraded from 1.5.1 to 2.0.2 (by author).

1189.   [port]          redo #1146 to cope w/ differing gettimeofday()
                        function signatures.

1188.   [bug]           memory leak when removing multiple records via dynamic

        --- 8.2.4-T1B released --- (Thu Apr 19 14:38:30 PDT 2001)

1187.   [support]       Don't accept in a query names which would be rejected
                        in responses.

1186.   [bug]           DNSSEC key ids were computed incorrectly.

1185.   [bug]           remember if a notify came in while a zone transfer is
                        in progress and perform a refresh check after the
                        transfer completes.

        --- 8.2.4-T1A released --- (Sun Apr  1 12:15:48 PDT 2001)

1184.   [support]       notify delay limit now "nzones" rather than "nzones/5".

1183.   [port]          new port/cygwin contributed by s_c_biggs at

1182.   [contrib]       new contrib/mdnkit (V1.3) from author.

1181.   [bug]           dig -T was only delaying after the first batched query.

1180.   [bug]           NSAP processing did not support leading 0x as required
                        by RFC 1706.

1179.   [contrib]       new contrib/adm from official ftp site.

1178.   [contrib]       new contrib/host from author.

1177.   [contrib]       new contrib/dnsp from author.

1176.   [bug]           fix memory and file descriptor leaks.

1175.   [bug]           statp->nsort could fail to be re-initialised if
                        resolv.conf goes away.

1174.   [port]          winnt: missing call to sockout() in close().

1173.   [bug]           suppress repeated notifies when a nameserver is a

1172.   [bug]           allow res_{n}update to take a single unlinked element.

1171.   [doc]           rfc2308-type1 applies to answers from the cache.

1170.   [port]          winnt: does not have unix domain sockets.

1171.   [bug]           xfers_deferred could become out of sync.

1170.   [bug]           check the family before using a cached result from

1169.   [cleanup]       namespace cleanup of prand_conf.

1168.   [port]          fix ctk ORD_32 problem on some HPUX 10.20 systems.

1167.   [support]       note possible HAVE_STRNDUP need for AIX4.

1166.   [bug]           bad $TTL could kill the contributed dns_signer.

1165.   [func]          INITIALZONES tuning for large servers (> 1000 zones).

1164.   [bug]           the resolver could leak a file descriptors under
                        certain conditions.

1163.   [func]          ns_critical() is now available.

1162.   [port]          winnt: add strerror.

1161.   [support]       log out of memory during zone transfers.

1160.   [support]       extend "Response from unexpected source" message.

1159.   [doc]           query-source is used for TCP and that the port is

1158.   [func]          add A6, DNAME, SINK and OPT to list of known RR types
                        in res_debug.

1157.   [perf]          add more ns_wouldlog() calls on mainline.

1156.   [bug]           don't use a known bogus key name.

1155.   [support]       log possible "TSIG BUG" exploit attempts.  Requires
                        LOG_TSIG_BUG to be defined in bin/named/named.h.

1154.   [bug]           RFC2317 support was broken in bin/host command again.

1153.   [support]       be more consist with the use of slave vs secondary.

1152.   [bug]           ixfr processing could leave Z_XFER_RUNNING set.

1151.   [bug]           failed to correctly parse the orginal ttl in SIG

1150.   [bug]           forwarders: it was possible to use freed memory.

1149.   [support]       zone rejected message to error level.

1148.   [bug]           non-glue now logged to category load.

1147.   [bug]           handle notify w/ SOA records better.

1146.   [support]       be more gentle in handling bad system clocks.

1145.   [port]          solaris: 2.4 does not have pthreads.

1144.   [support]       log class w/ denied messages.

1143.   [bug]           only use the query-source address, not port, for TCP

1142.   [doc]           document change #924 better (doc/html/controls.html).

1141.   [bug]           DESTDIR is not part of the nslookup help file path.

1140.   [bug]           only reset interval timers if the value has changed.

        --- 8.2.3-REL released ---

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