BIND 8.3.0 RC2 is now available for public testing

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Thu Jan 3 04:28:36 UTC 2002

		BIND 8.3.0 Release Candidate 2 (RC2)

BIND 8.3.0 is the first release of 8.3 and contains new features not found
in 8.2.5.

The recommended version to use are BIND 9.2.0.  If for whatever reason you
must run BIND 8, use nothing earlier than 8.2.5-REL.  Do not under any
circumstances run BIND 4.

Highlights vs. BIND 8.2.5:

	Minor bug fixes and portability changes.
	Some new resolver API elements.
	Improved operational reporting.
	Can now AXFR unknown RR types (in, out, or both).
	IPv6 transport support in the resolver (from KAME).
	EDNS0 support.

the distribution files are:

the pgp signature files are:

the md5 checksums are:

MD5 (bind-contrib.tar.gz) = 6109ea1ecbc82275acd319f7c323de92
MD5 (bind-contrib.tar.gz.asc) = 286d0afe4632feb215650521ce6e3439
MD5 (bind-doc.tar.gz) = 9b5d0baf8dfa43bfc348a27893a9f284
MD5 (bind-doc.tar.gz.asc) = 8a38b6082e649f208a815d042942640b
MD5 (bind-src.tar.gz) = da17ad648000e8f0ef9f6a1db1225ef2
MD5 (bind-src.tar.gz.asc) = 6ebd17c85622020205d6e14814a20448

top of CHANGES says:

        --- 8.3.0-RC2 released --- (Wed Jan  2 17:14:23 PST 2002)

1316.   [bug]           memory leak when a ixfr update or a re-applied update
                        was rejected.

1315.   [bug]           the wrong options level check-names value was used
                        when merging ixfr updates.

1314.   [bug]           corrupt update / ixfr updates should result in
                        merge errors being reported.

1313.   [bug]           set current_serial in db_ixfr.c:ixfr_getdelta().

1312.   [bug]           use serial space arithmetic when selecting deltas for

1311.   [contrib]       mdnkit update to 2.2.3

1310.   [bug]           TSIG signed IXFR's wern't correctly verified.

1309.   [port]          win32: re-order fclose/unlink so that the unlink

1308.   [doc]           miscellaneous nroff fixes.

1307.   [func]          preferred-glue can now be used to partially order
                        the additional section.

1306.   [bug]           It was possible to trigger an INSIST failure with
                        certian EDNS responses.

1305.   [bug]           named-xfer could return a false up-to-date status.

1304.   [bug]           "named-xfer -x" didn't attempt to use the specified
                        address for all possible masters if earlier connects

1303.   [contrib]       nslint upgraded from 2.0.2 to 2.1a3 (by author).

1302.   [bug]           res_nametotype() and res_nametoclass() were broken.

1301.   [bug]           "ndc reload zone" without class was broken.

1300.   [port]          TrueUNIX 5.1 does not like __align as a element name.

1299.   [bug]           host failed to handle "." in search list correctly.

1298.   [bug]           max-ixfr-log-size default was unreasonable.

1297.   [bug]           read buffer overflows.

1296.   [protocol]      NAPTR additional section processing.

        --- 8.3.0-RC1 released --- (Wed Nov 21 20:41:32 PST 2001)

1295.   [bug]           be more aggressive at dropping messages from certian
                        well known ports.

1294.   [bug]           hint zones and root stub zones were not being removed

1293.   [port]          MPE/iX workaround recvfrom() not supporting larger
                        address buffers required for IPv6.

1292.   [bug]           memory leak: free_flushset().

1291.   [func]          accept and generate EDNS0 queries.

1290.   [func]          allow initial notifies on startup to be suppressed.
                        [Kenneth Karoliussen, kenneth at]

1289.   [func]          allow keys to be specified in the masters clause.

1288.   [func]          named-xfer report if response was signed.

1287.   [bug]           named-xfer could report false TSIG failures under
                        certian conditions.
1286.   [bug]           don't allow rtt estimates to drop to zero.

1285.   [bug]           non-answering servers rtt estimates were not always

1284.   [bug]           struct __res_state was still broken after #1265.

1283.   [port]          addition platform support for _r functions.

1282.   [port]          pw->pw_class is platform dependant.

1281.   [port]          namespace collision: dprintf -> res_dprintf,
                        ERR -> EV_ERR, OK -> EV_OK.

1280.   [cleanup]       gai_strerror() re-written.

1279.   [bug]           non-glue was not being reported on reload.

1278.   [bug]           Remove the INSIST at the end if zone_maint().

1277.   [func]          hostname.bind/txt/chaos now returns the name of
                        the machine hosting the nameserver.  This is useful
                        in diagnosing problems with anycast servers.

1276.   [bug]           dns_ho.c:add_hostent() was not returning the amount
                        of memory consumed resulting in garbage address
                        being returned.  Alignment calculations were
                        wasting space.  We wern't suppressing duplicate

1275.   [port]          sunos: old sprintf.

1274.   [port]          MPE/iX C.70

1273.   [bug]           host was sorting multiple RRs into the wrong order
                        prior to verifying.

        --- 8.3.0-T2A released --- (Thu Sep 27 18:15:00 PDT 2001)

1272.   [bug]           "rndc trace 0" should behave like "rndc notrace".

1271.   [func]          inet_{cidr,net}_{pton,ntop}() now have IPv6 support.

1270.   [bug]           AXFR style IXFR responses were not handled properly,
                        transfer-format single-answer.

1269.   [bug]           misc: more string format fixes, open va_end(),
                        call exit() with positive values, include <string.h>.

1268.   [func]          Resolver, dig: "DNSSEC OK" (DO) support.

1267.   [port]          HP e3000 MPE is big-endian.

1266.   [func]          dig +[no]tr: use relative names when printing
                        out a zone transfer ([NO]TRuncate).

1265.   [bug]           struct __res_state to large on 64 bit arch.

1264.   [port]          winnt: pass the root zone as "." to named-xfer
                        rather than "".

1263.   [port]          #1227 broke sunos.

1262.   [func]          log type as well as class for denied queries.

1261.   [bug]           get*by*() failed to check if res_init() had been

1260.   [func]          resolver option: no-tld-query.  disables trying
                        unqualified as a tld.  no_tld_query is also supported
                        for FreeBSD compatability.

1259.   [func]          enable NOADDITIONAL code by default.

1258.   [func]          treat class ANY as class IN for access control for
                        non-xfr queries.

1257.   [func]          increase nameserver chaining distance from 1 to 3

1256.   [bug]           increased loop avoidance with well known ports.

1255.   [bug]           cached NXDOMAIN responses were being ignored when
                        selecting servers to query.
1254.   [support]       improved support for parallel make.

1253.   [port]          winnt: support for change #1218

1252.   [port]          winnt: the stat structure does not have st_blksize.

1251.   [bug]           AXFR style IXFR responses were not handled properly.

1250.   [doc]           document support-ixfr.

1249.   [func]          add support gcc's format string checking.

1248.   [bug]           string formats.

1247.   [bug]           dig -t axfr attempted to use UDP not TCP.

1246.   [doc]           miscellaneous nroff fixes.

1245.   [port]          winnt: named-xfer failures.  improved recvfrom()

1244.   [port]          winnt: bug in tracking "file" file descriptors
                        extend "file" file descriptors support to 2048.

1243.   [cleanup]       defining REPORT_ERRORS in lib/dst caused compile time

1242.   [bug]           inet_pton() failed to reject octal input.

1241.   [bug]           memory leaks: zone forwarder table, server key list,
                        global forwarder table, query tsig info, unused
                        channels, key names, xfr tsig info. 

1240.   [bug]           restore message if ns_forw() fails.

1239.   [bug]           call res_ndestroy() in net_data_destroy().

1238.   [func]          named-bootconf now supports HP's "no-round-robin".

1237.   [bug]           buffer overrun, access mode read.

1236.   [bug]           ignore white space after address of nameserver.

1235.   [port]          solaris 2.4: use ioctl(FIONBIO) rather than fcntl().

	--- 8.3.0-T1A released --- (Wed Jun 20 19:05:01 PDT 2001)

1234.	[bug]		memory leak with "use-id-pool no;".

1233.	[func]		res_setservers(), res_getservers().

1232.	[bug]		don't assume the forwarder has dropped bogus records.

1231.	[bug]		always restart a query if we dropped records when

1230.	[func]		report the address the server learnt the record from
			in lame server messages.

1229.	[func]		opaque rdata support for unknown types.

1228.	[protocol]	IXFR don't test for AA, don't check that the question
			is returned.

1227.	[port]		solaris: sys_nerr and sys_errlist do not exist when
			compiling in 64 bit mode.

1226.	[placeholder]

1225.	[bug]		don't send cross class additional records.

1224.	[bug]		use after realloc(), non portable pointer arithmetic in

1223.	[bug]		allow all KEY records in parent zone at bottom of zone

1222.	[bug]		HMAC-MD5 key files are now mode 0600.

1221.	[port]		aix: ( and later have strndup().

1220.	[port]		winnt: isc_movefile() and syslog() updated.

1219.	[bug]		winnt: zone transfers could fail.

1218.	[func]		add IPv6 transport support to the resolver from the
			KAME project.  Includes initial bitstring support.

1217.	[bug]		#1186 broke the command-line programs that relied on
			the fact that HMAC-MD5 keys have keyid 0.

1216.	[bug]		#1180 completely broke inet_nsap_addr(),
			inet_nsap_ntoa() still didn't emit the leading 0x.

1215.	[bug]		long UNIX domain control socket names were not being
			printed in full.

1214.	[bug]		getrgnam()/getgrgid() leaked memory.

1213.	[bug]		#1199 introduced a reference after free bug.

1212.	[bug]		some function declarations wern't protected by
			__BEGIN_DECL/__END_DECL in resolv.h.

1211.	[port]		next: openstep is now supported as well as nextstep.

1210.	[port]		add: SCO Unix 5.0.6.

1209.	[port]		winnt: issues.

1208.	[func]		close "dynamic" file channels when debug is set to
			zero allowing them to be removed and re-opened.

1207.	[contrib]	new h2n from author.

1206.	[bug]		ixfr_getdelta() uninitialised variable used.

1205.	[bug]		parse_cert_rr() passes wrong buffer size to b64_pton().

1204.	[bug]		memory leak: pathname leaked specifing controls unix.

1203.	[bug]		detect corrupted ixfr logs.

1202.	[bug]		memory leak: dynamic update was leaking.

1201.	[bug]		ISO/IEC 9945-1 versions of getpwuid_r(), getpwnam_r(),
		 	getgrgid_r() and getgrnam_r() were not ISO/IEC 9945-1

1200.	[bug]		memory leak: when following CNAMES from of req_query().

1199.	[bug]		memory leak: when defining keys.

1198.	[func]		reference count all databuf activity.

1197.	[func]		deallocate-on-exit yes; will call abort() if there
			is still active memory.

1196.	[func]		memactive(): report if there is still active memory.

1195.	[bug]		memory leak: include in named.conf leaked file name.

1194.	[port]		MPE/IX port updated by Mark Bixby of the
			HP CSY MPE/iX Internet & Interoperability Team.

1193.	[port]		winnt: path separator.

1192.	[bug]		winnt: fix accept failures.

1191.	[port]		winnt: a CLI tool for controling named 'BINDcmd' now

1190.	[contrib]	nslint upgraded from 1.5.1 to 2.0.2 (by author).

1189.	[port]		redo #1146 to cope w/ differing gettimeofday()
			function signatures.

1188.	[bug]		memory leak when removing multiple records via dynamic

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