BIND 9.2.1rc2 is now available for testing

Mark_Andrews at Mark_Andrews at
Fri Mar 29 02:57:36 UTC 2002

BIND 9.2.1rc2 is now available.  This is release candidate for
BIND 9.2.1, which is a maintence release of BIND 9.2.  It contains
no new features.

BIND 9.2.1rc2 can be downloaded from

The PGP signature of the distribution is at

A binary kit for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 is currently not
available.  This will be announce at a later date.

The signature was generated with the ISC public key, which is
available at <>.

A list of changes made since 9.2.0 follows.  For earlier changes,
see the file CHANGES in the distribution.


        --- 9.2.1rc2 released ---

1240.   [bug]           It was possible to leak zone references by
                        specifying an incorrect zone to rndc.

1239.   [bug]           Under certain circumstances named could continue to
                        use a name after it had been freed triggering
                        INSIST() failures.  [RT #2614]

1238.   [bug]           It is possible to lockup the server when shutting down
                        if notifies are being processed. [RT #2591]

1237.   [bug]           nslookup: "set q=type" failed.

1236.   [bug]           dns_rdata{class,type}_fromtext() didn't handle non
                        NULL terminated text regions. [RT #2588]

1232.   [bug]           unix/errno2result() didn't handle EADDRNOTAVAIL.

1231.   [port]          HPUX 11.11 recvmsg() can return spurious EADDRNOTAVAIL.

1230.   [bug]           isccc_cc_isreply() and isccc_cc_isack() were broken.

1229.   [bug]           named would crash if it received a TSIG signed
                        query as part of an AXFR response. [RT #2570]

1228.   [bug]           'make install' did not depend on 'make all'. [RT #2559]

1227.   [bug]           dns_lex_getmastertoken() now returns ISC_R_BADNUMBER
                        if a number was expected and some other token was
                        found. [RT#2532]

1222.   [bug]           Specifying 'port *' did not always result in a system
                        selected (non-reserved) port being used. [RT #2537]

1221.   [bug]           Zone types 'master', 'slave' and 'stub' were not being
                        compared case insensitively. [RT #2542]

1218.   [bug]           Named incorrectly returned SERVFAIL rather than
                        NOTAUTH when there was a TSIG BADTIME error. [RT #2519]

1216.   [bug]           Multiple server clauses for the same server were not
                        reported.  [RT #2514]

1215.   [port]          solaris: add support to for x86 2.5.1

1214.   [bug]           Win32: isc_file_renameunique() could leave zero length
                        files behind.

1212.   [port]          libbind: 64k answer buffers were causing stack space
                        to be exceeded for certian OS.  Use heap space instead.

1211.   [bug]           dns_name_fromtext() incorrectly handled certain
                        valid octal bitlabels. [RT #2483]

1210.   [bug]           libbind: getnameinfo() failed to lookup IPv4 mapped /
                        compatible addresses. [RT #2461]

1208.   [bug]           dns_master_load*() failed to log a error message if
                        an error was detected when parsing the ownername of
                        a record.  [RT #2448]

	--- 9.2.1rc1 released ---

1207.	[bug]		libbind: getaddrinfo() could call freeaddrinfo() with
			an invalid pointer.

1206.	[bug]		SERVFAIL and NOTIMP responses to a EDNS should trigger
			a non-EDNS retry.

1205.	[bug]		OPT, TSIG and TKEY cannot be used to set the "class"
			of the message. [RT #2449]

1204.	[bug]		libbind: res_nupdate() failed to update the name
			server addresses before sending the update.

1201.	[bug]		Require that if 'callbacks' is passed to
			dns_rdata_fromtext(), callbacks->error and 
			callbacks->warn are initialized.

1200.	[bug]		Log 'errno' that we are unable to convert to
			isc_result_t. [RT #2404]

1198.	[bug]		OPT printing style was not consistant with the way the
			header fields are printed.  The DO bit was not reported
			if set.  Report if any of the MBZ bits are set.

1197.	[bug]		Attempts to define the same acl multiple times were not

1196.	[contrib]	update mdnkit to 2.2.3.

1195.	[bug]		Attempts to redefine builtin acls should be caught.
			[RT #2403]

1194.	[bug]		Not all duplicate zone definitions were being detected
			at the named.conf checking stage. [RT #2431]

1193.	[bug]		Best effort parsing didn't handle packet truncation.

1191.   [bug]           A dynamic update removing the last non-apex name in
			a secure zone would fail. [RT #2399]

1189.	[bug]		On some systems, malloc(0) returns NULL, which
			could cause the caller to report an out of memory
			error. [RT #2398]

1188.	[bug]		Dynamic updates of a signed zone would fail if
			some of the zone private keys were unavailable.

1186.   [bug]           isc_hex_tobuffer(,,length = 0) failed to unget the
                        EOL token when reading to end of line.

1185.	[bug]		libbind: don't assume statp->_u._ext.ext is valid
			unless RES_INIT is set when calling res_*init().

1184.	[bug]		libbind: call res_ndestroy() if RES_INIT is set
			when res_*init() is called.

1183.	[bug]		Handle ENOSR error when writing to the internal
			control pipe. [RT #2395]

1182.	[bug]		The server could throw an assertion failure when
			constructing a negative response packet.

1176.	[doc]		Document that allow-v6-synthesis is only performed
			for clients that are supplied recursive service.
			[RT #2260]

1175.	[bug]		named-checkzone failed to call dns_result_register()
			at startup which could result in runtime
			exceptions when printing "out of memory" errors.
			[RT #2335]

1174.	[bug]		Win32: add WSAECONNRESET to the expected errors
			from connect(). [RT #2308]

1173.	[bug]		Potential memory leaks in isc_log_create() and
			isc_log_settag(). [RT #2336]

1172.	[doc]		Add CERT, GPOS, KX, NAPTR, NSAP, PX and TXT to 
			table of RR types in ARM.

1170.	[bug]		Don't attempt to print the token when a I/O error
			occurs when parsing named.conf. [RT #2275]

1168.	[bug]		Empty also-notify clauses were not handled. [RT #2309]

1167.	[contrib]	nslint-2.1a3 (from author).

1166.	[bug]		"Not Implemented" should be reported as NOTIMP,
			not NOTIMPL. [RT #2281]

1165.	[bug]		We were rejecting notify-source{-v6} in zone clauses.

1164.	[bug]		Empty masters clauses in slave / stub zones were not
			handled gracefully. [RT #2262]

1162.	[bug]		The allow-notify option was not accepted in slave
			zone statements.

1161.	[bug]		named-checkzone looped on unbalanced brackets.
			[RT #2248]

1160.	[bug]		Generating Diffie-Hellman keys longer than 1024
			bits could fail. [RT #2241]

1156.	[port]		The configure test for strsep() incorrectly
			succeeded on certain patched versions of
			AIX 4.3.3. [RT #2190]

1154.	[bug]		Don't attempt to obtain the netmask of a interface
			if there is no address configured. [RT #2176]

1152.	[bug]		libbind: read buffer overflows.

1144.	[bug]		rndc-confgen would crash if both the -a and -t
			options were specified. [RT #2159]

1142.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone would fail to delete temporary files
			in some failure cases. [RT #2144]

1141.	[bug]		When named rejected a control message, it would
			leak a file descriptor and memory.  It would also
			fail to respond, causing rndc to hang.
			[RT #2139, #2164]

1140.	[bug]		rndc-confgen did not accept IPv6 addresses as arguments
			to the -s option. [RT #2138]

1136.	[bug]		CNAME records synthesized from DNAMEs did not
			have a TTL of zero as required by RFC2672.
			[RT #2129]

1125.	[bug]		rndc: -k option was missing from usage message.
			[RT #2057]

1124.	[doc]		dig: +[no]dnssec, +[no]besteffort and +[no]fail
			are now documented. [RT #2052]

1123.	[bug]		dig +[no]fail did not match description. [RT #2052]

1109.	[bug]		nsupdate accepted illegal ttl values.

1108.	[bug]		On Win32, rndc was hanging when named was not running
			due to failure to select for exceptional conditions
			in select(). [RT #1870]

1081.	[bug]		Multicast queries were incorrectly identified
			based on the source address, not the destination

1072.	[bug]		The TCP client quota could be exceeded when
			recursion occurred. [RT #1937]

1071.	[bug]		Sockets listening for TCP DNS connections
			specified an excessive listen backlog. [RT #1937]

1070.	[bug]		Copy DNSSEC OK (DO) to response as specified by

1014.	[bug]		Some queries would cause statistics counters to
			increment more than once or not at all. [RT #1321]

1012.	[bug]		The -p option to named did not behave as documented.

 988.	[bug]		'additional-from-auth no;' did not work reliably
			in the case of queries answered from the cache.
			[RT #1436]

 995.	[bug]		dig, host, nslookup: using a raw IPv6 address as a
			target address should be fatal on a IPv4 only system.

	--- 9.2.0 released ---

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