BIND 8.3.2-T1B is available for testing

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Wed May 8 23:03:11 UTC 2002

			BIND 8.3.2-T1B

This is a beta test release of BIND 8.3.2 which is the third release of 8.3.

The recommended version to use is BIND 9.2.1.  If for whatever reason you
must run BIND 8, use nothing earlier than 8.2.5-REL, 8.3.1-REL.  Do not
under any circumstances run BIND 4.

Highlights vs. BIND 8.3.1:
	dig, nslookup, host and nsupdate have improved IPv6 support.

Highlights vs. BIND 8.3.0:

	Critical bug fix to prevent DNS storms. If you have BIND 8.3.0 you
	need to upgrade.

the distribution files are:

the pgp signature files are:

Windows NT / Windows 2000 binary distribution.

the md5 checksums are:

MD5 (bind-contrib.tar.gz) = 0bceafa871f2c31c116be3d0688194d3
MD5 (bind-contrib.tar.gz.asc) = dd7e10da97a1454330803afaad5c2947
MD5 (bind-doc.tar.gz) = 0455794175b06a7378d7da7fd8afd85e
MD5 (bind-doc.tar.gz.asc) = c9ea42e31ea5f3a2badedf1d25d4b55d
MD5 (bind-src.tar.gz) = 2d97bb1e4080dec43d9af3b6d0c5d6e1
MD5 (bind-src.tar.gz.asc) = 1da3e8096928ede625bcbf3800623791
MD5 (readme1st.txt) = de432f6bec8a4058437dd6d86c0e3864
MD5 (readme1st.txt.asc) = ec5361d4420453129ef58d4c767ba305
MD5 ( = cc380726dc691cf43723cb33c68758e2
MD5 ( = 120d04bc3f298a0879df559947f929a0
MD5 (readme1sttools.txt) = 93cbeb616b1eb79a40b4eec4a8b088be
MD5 (readme1sttools.txt.asc) = 3534e7c810874e180e32d4d1f31587e5
MD5 ( = 0b16cd64b819d3f79a328eee2db0fa10
MD5 ( = e3927d096a741763ac647454fd8e316b

top of CHANGES says:

        --- 8.3.2-T1B released --- (Tue May  7 18:49:58 PDT 2002)

1263.   [bug]           gethostans() could get out of sync parsing the
                        response if there was a very long CNAME chain.

1262.   [bug]           winnt: dumpdb and stats should now work reliably.

1261.   [bug]           using a valid TSIG with a compressed ownername could
                        result a INSIST() failure.

1260.	[func]		"notify explicit;" from BIND 9.

1259.	[misc]		leave the verification of the OPT options to the

1258.	[func]		accept SOA MNAME field as legitimate additional

1257.	[bug]		malformed response to query w/ tsig + edns.

1256.	[port]		darwin: probe for IPv6 support.

1255.	[bug]		xfers_running could become out of sync if a zone
			was removed while it was being transfered.

1254.	[func]		nsupdate can now update IPv6 servers.

1253.	[func]		host now accepts IPv6 addresses.

1253.	[bug]		reserve space for the signature when performing a
			zone transfer.

1252.	[func]		dnsquery now accepts IPv6 addresses.

1251.	[bug]		win32: it was possible to call RegCloseKey() on a
			invalid key.

1250	[func]		nslookup now accepts IPv6 addresses.

1249.	[func]		dig now accepts IPv6 addresses.

1248.	[doc]		correct some typos in named.conf.5 and corresponding

1247.	[bug]		get_salen() IPv6 support was broken for OSs w/o sa_len.

1246.	[support]	add highly dangerous compile time option
			NXDOMAIN_ON_DENIAL.  it should not be used
			except in testing.

1245.	[bug]		if we don't have enough file descriptors to open
			a socket attempt to close a idle tcp client.

1244.	[port]		bsdi: 4.3 has struct sockaddr_storage.

1243.	[bug]		SERVFAIL can have too many other causes to be used
			say whether a server supports EDNS or not.

1242.	[port]		64k answer buffers were causing stack space to be
			exceeded for certian OS.  Use heap space instead.

1241.	[bug]		getnameinfo() failed to lookup IPv4 mapped /
			compatible addresses.

1340.	[bug]		reference after free for included conf file name.

1339.	[bug]		doaddinfo would not always attempt to fetch missing
			glue when it should have.

1338.	[bug]		an IPv6 only nameserver could generate spurious
			sysquery errors.

1337.	[port]		linux: IN6ADDR_LOOPBACK_INIT, IN6ADDR_ANY_INIT and
			sockaddr_storage not declared by early kernels.

1336.	[bug]		getaddrinfo() could call freeaddrinfo() with an
			invalid pointer.

1335.	[bug]		res_nupdate() failed to update the name servers
			addresses before sending the update.

1334.	[bug]		A6 is expected in the additional section.

	--- 8.3.1-REL released --- (Thu Jan 31 21:28:59 PST 2002)
Mark Andrews, Internet Software Consortium
1 Seymour St., Dundas Valley, NSW 2117, Australia
PHONE:	+61 2 9871 4742		         INTERNET: Mark.Andrews at

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