BIND 9.4.1 is now available

Evan Hunt Evan_Hunt at
Mon Apr 30 21:45:06 UTC 2007

		BIND 9.4.1 is now available.

	BIND 9.4.1 is a security release of BIND 9, containing a
	fix for a vulnerability in BIND 9.4.0:

2172.   [bug]           query_addsoa() was being called with a non zone db.
                        [RT #16834]

	If you are running BIND 9.4.0 (either pre-release or final),
	you are advised to upgrade as soon as possible to BIND 9.4.1.

BIND 9.4.1 can be downloaded from

The PGP signature of the distribution is at

The signature was generated with the ISC public key, which is
available at <>.

NOTE: At this writing, a binary install for Windows machines is
still in progress, and will be released as soon as it is available.
This announcement will be updated accordingly at that time.

Evan Hunt -- evan_hunt at
Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.

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