BIND 9.5.0a7 is now available.

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Wed Nov 14 21:07:05 UTC 2007

		BIND 9.5.0a7 is now available.

BIND 9.5.0a7 is a alpha release for BIND 9.5.0.

	This is a technology preview of new functionality to be be
	released in BIND 9.5.0.  New APIs are not yet frozen.
	Please as a minimum perform a test build on your operating
	system.  We don't have test platforms for every operating
	system and sometimes we accidently break builds.  Now is
	the time to tell us about that.  bind9-bugs at

	Bugs should be reported to bind9-bugs at

BIND 9.5 has a number of new features over BIND 9.4, including:

        BIND 9.5.0 has a number of new features over 9.4,

        GSS-TSIG support (RFC 3645).

        DHCID support.

        Experimental http server and statistics support for named via xml.

        Use Doxygen to generate internal documention.

BIND 9.5.0a7 can be downloaded from

The PGP signature of the distribution is at

The signature was generated with the ISC public key, which is
available at <>.

A binary kit for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Window 2003 is at

The PGP signature of the binary kit for Windows 2000, Windows XP and
Window 2003 is at

Changes since 9.5.0a1

	--- 9.5.0a7 released ---

2258.	[bug]		Fallback from IXFR/TSIG to SOA/AXFR/TSIG broken.
			[RT #17241]

2257.	[bug]		win32: Use the full path to vcredist_x86.exe when
			calling it. [RT #17222]

2256.	[bug]		win32: Correctly register the installation location of
			bindevt.dll. [RT #17159]

2255.	[bug]		L.ROOT-SERVERS.NET is now

2254.	[bug]		timer.c:dispatch() failed to lock timer->lock
			when reading timer->idle allowing it to see
			intermediate values as timer->idle was reset by
			isc_timer_touch(). [RT #17243]

2253.	[func]	 	"max-cache-size" defaults to 32M.
			"max-acache-size" defaults to 16M.

2252.   [bug]           Fixed errors in sortlist code [RT #17216]

2251.	[placeholder]

2250.	[func]		New flag 'memstatistics' to state whether the
			memory statistics file should be written or not.
			Additionally named's -m option will cause the
			statistics file to be written. [RT #17113]
2249.   [bug]           Only set Authentic Data bit if client requested
                        DNSSEC, per RFC 3655 [RT #17175]

2248.   [cleanup]       Fix several errors reported by Coverity. [RT #17160]

2247.	[doc]		Sort doc/misc/options. [RT #17067]

2246.	[bug]		Make the startup of test servers ( more
			robust. [RT #17147]

2245.	[bug]		Validating lack of DS records at trust anchors wasn't
			working. [RT #17151]

2244.	[func]		Allow the check of nameserver names against the
			SOA MNAME field to be disabled by specifying
			'notify-to-soa yes;'.  [RT #17073]

2243.	[func]		Configuration files without a newline at the end now
			parse without error. [RT #17120]

2242.	[bug]		nsupdate: GSS-TSIG support using the Heimdal Kerberos
			library could require a source of random data.
			[RT #17127]

2241.	[func]		nsupdate: add a interative 'help' command. [RT #17099]

2240.	[bug]		Cleanup nsupdates GSS-TSIG support.  Convert
			a number of INSIST()s into plain fatal() errors
			which report the triggering result code.
			The 'key' command wasn't disabling GSS-TSIG.
			[RT #17099]

2239.	[func]		Ship a prebuilt bin/named/bind9.xsl.h. [RT #17114]

2238.	[bug]		It was possible to trigger a REQUIRE when a
			validation was cancelled. [RT #17106]

2237.	[bug]		libbind: res_init() was not thread aware. [RT #17123]

2236.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone failed to preserve the case of
			of wildcard owner names. [RT #17085]

2235.	[bug]		<isc/atomic.h> was not being installed. [RT #17135]

2234.   [port]          Correct some compiler warnings on SCO OSr5 [RT #17134]
2233.   [func]          Add support for O(1) ACL processing, based on
                        radix tree code originally written by kevin
                        brintnall. [RT #16288]

2232.	[bug]		dns_adb_findaddrinfo() could fail and return
			ISC_R_SUCCESS. [RT #17137]

2231.	[bug]		Building dlzbdb (contrib/dlz/bin/dlzbdb) was broken.
			[RT #17088]

2230.	[bug]		We could INSIST reading a corrupted journal.
			[RT #17132]

2229.	[bug]		Null pointer dereference on query pool creation
			failure. [RT #17133]

2228.	[contrib]	contrib: Change 2188 was incomplete.

2227.	[cleanup]	Tidied up the FAQ. [RT #17121]

2226.	[placeholder]

2225.	[bug]		More support for systems with no IPv4 addresses.
		        [RT #17111]

2224.	[bug]		Defer journal compaction if a xfrin is in progress.
			[RT #17119]

2223.	[bug]		Make a new journal when compacting. [RT #17119]

2222.	[func]		named-checkconf now checks server key references.
		        [RT #17097]

2221.	[bug]		Set the event result code to reflect the actual
			record turned to caller when a cache update is
			rejected due to a more credible answer existing.
			[RT #17017]

2220.	[bug]		win32: Address a race condition in final shutdown of
			the Windows socket code. [RT #17028]
2219.	[bug]		Apply zone consistancy checks to additions, not
			removals, when updating. [RT #17049]

2218.	[bug]		Remove unnecessary REQUIRE from dns_validator_create().
			[RT #16976]

2217.	[func]		Adjust update log levels. [RT #17092]

2216.	[cleanup]	Fix a number of errors reported by Coverity.
		        [RT #17094]

2215.	[bug]		Bad REQUIRE check isc_hmacsha1_verify(). [RT #17094]

2214.	[bug]		Deregister OpenSSL lock callback when cleaning
			up.  Reorder OpenSSL cleanup so that RAND_cleanup()
			is called before the locks are destroyed. [RT #17098]

2213.	[bug]		SIG0 diagnostic failure messages were looking at the
			wrong status code. [RT #17101]

2212.	[func]		'host -m' now causes memory statistics and active
			memory to be printed at exit. [RT 17028]

2211.	[func]		Update "dynamic update temporarily disabled" message.
			[RT #17065]

2210.	[bug]		Deleting class specific records via UPDATE could
			fail.  [RT #17074]

2209.	[port]		osx: linking against user supplied static OpenSSL
			libraries failed as the system ones were still being
			found. [RT #17078]

2208.	[port]		win32: make sure both build methods produce the
			same output. [RT #17058]

2207.	[port]		Some implementations of getaddrinfo() fail to set
			ai_canonname correctly. [RT #17061]

	--- 9.5.0a6 released ---

2206.	[security]	"allow-query-cache" and "allow-recursion" now
			cross inherit from each other.

			If allow-query-cache is not set in named.conf then
			allow-recursion is used if set, otherwise allow-query
			is used if set, otherwise the default (localnets;
			localhost;) is used.

			If allow-recursion is not set in named.conf then
			allow-query-cache is used if set, otherwise allow-query
			is used if set, otherwise the default (localnets;
			localhost;) is used.

			[RT #16987]
2205.	[bug]		libbind: change #2119 broke thread support. [RT #16982]

2204.	[bug]		"rndc flushanme name unknown-view" caused named
			to crash. [RT #16984]

2203.	[security]	Query id generation was cryptographically weak.
			[RT # 16915]

2202.	[security]	The default acls for allow-query-cache and
			allow-recursion were not being applied. [RT #16960]

2201.	[bug]		The build failed in a separate object directory.
			[RT #16943]

2200.	[bug]		The search for cached NSEC records was stopping to
			early leading to excessive DLV queries. [RT #16930]

2199.	[bug]		win32: don't call WSAStartup() while loading dlls.
			[RT #16911]

2198.	[bug]		win32: RegCloseKey() could be called when
			RegOpenKeyEx() failed. [RT #16911]

2197.	[bug]		Add INSIST to catch negative responses which are
			not setting the event result code appropriately.
			[RT #16909]

2196.	[port]		win32: yield processor while waiting for once to
			to complete. [RT #16958]

2195.	[func]		dnssec-keygen now defaults to nametype "ZONE"
			when generating DNSKEYs. [RT #16954]

2194.	[bug]		Close journal before calling 'done' in xfrin.c.

	--- 9.5.0a5 released ---

2193.	[port]		win32: BINDInstall.exe is now linked statically.
			[RT #16906]

2192.	[port]		win32: use vcredist_x86.exe to install Visual
			Studio's redistributable dlls if building with
			Visual Stdio 2005 or later.

2191.	[func]		named-checkzone now allows dumping to stdout (-).
			named-checkconf now has -h for help.
			named-checkzone now has -h for help.
			rndc now has -h for help.
			Better handling of '-?' for usage summaries.
			[RT #16707]

2190.	[func]		Make fallback to plain DNS from EDNS due to timeouts
			more visible.  New logging category "edns-disabled".
			[RT #16871]

2189.	[bug]		Handle socket() returning EINTR. [RT #15949]

2188.	[contrib]	queryperf: autoconf changes to make the search for
			libresolv or libbind more robust. [RT #16299]

2187.	[bug]		query_addds(), query_addwildcardproof() and
			query_addnxrrsetnsec() should take a version
			arguement. [RT #16368]

2186.	[port]		cygwin: libbind: check for struct sockaddr_storage
			independently of IPv6. [RT #16482]

2185.	[port]		sunos: libbind: check for ssize_t, memmove() and
			memchr(). [RT #16463]

2184.	[bug]		bind9.xsl.h didn't build out of the source tree.
			[RT #16830]

2183.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone didn't handle offline private keys
			well.  [RT #16832]

2182.	[bug]		dns_dispatch_createtcp() and dispatch_createudp()
			could return ISC_R_SUCCESS when they ran out of
			memory. [RT #16365]

2181.	[port]		sunos: libbind: add paths.h from BIND 8. [RT #16462]

2180.	[cleanup]	Remove bit test from 'compress_test' as they
			are no longer needed. [RT #16497]

2179.	[func]		'rndc command zone' will now find 'zone' if it is
			unique to all the views. [RT #16821]

2178.	[bug]		'rndc reload' of a slave or stub zone resulted in
			a reference leak. [RT #16867]

2177.	[bug]		Array bounds overrun on read (rcodetext) at
			debug level 10+. [RT #16798]

2176.	[contrib]	dbus update to handle race condition during
			initialisation (Bugzilla 235809). [RT #16842]

2175.	[bug]		win32: windows broadcast condition variable support
			was broken. [RT #16592]

2174.	[bug]		I/O errors should always be fatal when reading
			master files. [RT #16825]

2173.	[port]		win32: When compiling with MSVS 2005 SP1 we also
			need to ship Microsoft.VC80.MFCLOC.

	--- 9.5.0a4 released ---

2172.	[bug]		query_addsoa() was being called with a non zone db.
			[RT #16834]

2171.	[bug]		Handle breaks in DNSSEC trust chains where the parent
			servers are not DS aware (DS queries to the parent
			return a referral to the child).

2170.	[func]		Add acache processing to test suite. [RT #16711]

2169.	[bug]		host, nslookup: when reporting NXDOMAIN report the
			given name and not the last name searched for.
			[RT #16763]

2168.	[bug]		nsupdate: in non-interactive mode treat syntax errors
			as fatal errors. [RT #16785]

2167.	[bug]		When re-using a automatic zone named failed to
			attach it to the new view. [RT #16786]

	--- 9.5.0a3 released ---

2166.	[bug]		When running in batch mode, dig could misinterpret
			a server address as a name to be looked up, causing
			unexpected output. [RT #16743]

2165.	[func]		Allow the destination address of a query to determine
			if we will answer the query or recurse.
			allow-query-on, allow-recursion-on and
			allow-query-cache-on. [RT #16291]

2164.	[bug]		The code to determine how named-checkzone / 
			named-compilezone was called failed under windows.
			[RT #16764]

2163.	[bug]		If only one of query-source and query-source-v6
			specified a port the query pools code broke (change
			2129).  [RT #16768]

2162.	[func]		Allow "rrset-order fixed" to be disabled at compile
			time. [RT #16665]

2161.	[bug]		Fix which log messages are emitted for 'rndc flush'.
			[RT #16698]

2160.	[bug]		libisc wasn't handling NULL ifa_addr pointers returned
			from getifaddrs(). [RT #16708]

	--- 9.5.0a2 released ---

2159.	[bug]		Array bounds overrun in acache processing. [RT #16710]

2158.	[bug]		ns_client_isself() failed to initialise key
			leading to a REQUIRE failure. [RT #16688]

2157.	[func]		dns_db_transfernode() created. [RT #16685]

2156.	[bug]		Fix node reference leaks in lookup.c:lookup_find(),
			resolver.c:validated() and resolver.c:cache_name().
			Fix a memory leak in rbtdb.c:free_noqname().
			Make lookup.c:lookup_find() robust against
			event leaks. [RT #16685]

2155.	[contrib]	SQLite sdb module from jaboydjr at
			[RT #16694]

2154.	[func]		Scoped (e.g. IPv6 link-local) addresses may now be
			matched in acls by omitting the scope. [RT #16599]

2153.	[bug]		nsupdate could leak memory. [RT #16691]

2152.	[cleanup]	Use sizeof(buf) instead of fixed number in
			dighost.c:get_trusted_key(). [RT #16678]

2151.	[bug]		Missing newline in usage message for journalprint.
			[RT #16679]

2150.	[bug]		'rrset-order cyclic' uniformly distribute the
			starting point for the first response for a given
			RRset. [RT #16655]

2149.	[bug]		isc_mem_checkdestroyed() failed to abort on
			if there were still active memory contexts.
			[RT #16672]

2148.	[func]		Add positive logging for rndc commands. [RT #14623]

2147.	[bug]		libbind: remove potential buffer overflow from
			hmac_link.c. [RT #16437]

2146.	[cleanup]	Silence Linux's spurious "obsolete setsockopt
			SO_BSDCOMPAT" message. [RT #16641]

2145.	[bug]		Check DS/DLV digest lengths for known digests.
			[RT #16622]

2144.	[cleanup]	Suppress logging of SERVFAIL from forwarders.
			[RT #16619]

2143.	[bug]		We failed to restart the IPv6 client when the
			kernel failed to return the destination the
			packet was sent to. [RT #16613]

2142.	[bug]		Handle master files with a modification time that
			matches the epoch. [RT# 16612]

2141.	[bug]		dig/host should not be setting IDN_ASCCHECK (IDN
			equivalent of LDH checks).  [RT #16609]

2140.	[bug]		libbind: missing unlock on pthread_key_create()
			failures. [RT #16654]

2139.	[bug]		dns_view_find() was being called with wrong type
			in adb.c. [RT #16670]

2138.	[bug]		Lock order reversal in resolver.c. [RT #16653]

2137.	[port]		Mips little endian and/or mips 64 bit are now
			supported for atomic operations. [RT#16648]

2136.	[bug]		nslookup/host looped if there was no search list
			and the host didn't exist. [RT #16657]

2135.	[bug]		Uninitialised rdataset in sdlz.c. [RT# 16656]

2134.	[func]		Additional statistics support. [RT #16666]

2133.	[port]		powerpc:  Support both IBM and MacOS Power PC
			assembler syntaxes. [RT #16647]

2132.	[bug]		Missing unlock on out of memory in

2131.	[contrib]	dlz/mysql: AXFR was broken. [RT #16630]

2130.	[func]		Log if CD or DO were set. [RT #16640]

2129.	[func]		Provide a pool of UDP sockets for queries to be
			made over. See use-queryport-pool, queryport-pool-ports
			and queryport-pool-updateinterval.  [RT #16415]

2128.	[doc]		xsltproc --nonet, update DTD versions.  [RT #16635]

2127.	[port]		Improved OpenSSL 0.9.8 support. [RT #16563]

2126.	[security]	Serialise validation of type ANY responses. [RT #16555]

2125.	[bug]		dns_zone_getzeronosoattl() REQUIRE failure if DLZ
			was defined. [RT #16574]

2124.	[security]	It was possible to dereference a freed fetch
			context. [RT #16584]

	--- 9.5.0a1 released ---

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