ISC libbind 6.0b1 is now available

Evan Hunt Evan_Hunt at
Tue Feb 10 01:26:40 UTC 2009

Some time ago, we at ISC removed libbind from the BIND 9 distribution,
and planned to make it available instead as a separate product.  A
number of people have asked on the mailing lists when that product
would be available.  The answer is "a few weeks ago"--but we forgot
to formally announce it on the lists (entirely my fault, mea culpa).

Allow me to correct that oversight now:  The first beta release of
ISC libbind, 6.0b1, is now available.  Please test and give us feedback.

Additional details and a link to the downloads page can be found at  Bug reports can be submitted to
libbind-bugs at

Evan Hunt -- evan_hunt at
Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.

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