Second development release of BIND 10: bind10-devel-20100421

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Wed Apr 21 18:21:02 UTC 2010

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	Second development release of BIND 10: bind10-devel-20100421

BIND10-devel is new development leading up to the production
BIND 10 release. It contains prototype code and experimental
interfaces. Nevertheless it is ready to use now for testing the
new BIND 10 infrastructure ideas.

This is a development only release, and is not intended for
production use. For production services, please continue to use
BIND 9.7. We would be very interested to know how it goes if people
try it though!

This release includes the bind10 master process, b10-msgq message
bus, b10-auth authoritative DNS server (with SQLite3 backend),
b10-cmdctl remote control daemon, b10-cfgmgr configuration manager,
b10-xfrin AXFR inbound service, b10-xfrout outgoing AXFR service,
and a new libdns library.

Documentation is included and also available via the BIND 10
website at

The bind10-devel-20100421 source may be downloaded from:

PGP signatures of the distribution are at:

The signatures were generated with the ISC public key, which is
available at

Users and developers are encouraged to participate on the BIND 10
mailing lists:

Bugs may be reported as tickets via the developers website
(after logging into Trac):

A summary of the changes since the previous release include:


 - Use PACKAGE_STRING (name + version) from config.h instead of
   hard-coded value in CH TXT version.bind replies (Trac #114, r1749)

 - Support case-sensitive name compression in MessageRenderer (r1704)

 - Support a simple name with possible compression (r1701)

 - b10-xfrout for AXFR-out support added (r1629, r1630)

 - New API for inserting zone data to sqlite3 database for AXFR in
   (r1612, r1613)


 - More code review, miscellaneous cleanups, style guidelines,
   and new and improved unit tests added.

 - Manual page cleanups and improvements.

 - Enable Python unit tests for "make check" (r1762)

 - Fix msgq CC test so it can find its module (r1751)

 - Add missing copyright license statements to various source files

 - Make log message more readable when xfrin failed (r1697)

 - Keep stderr for child processes if -v is specified (r1690, r1698)

 - Allow bind10 boss to pass environment variables from parent (r1689)

 - Xfrin warn if bind10_dns load failed (r1688)

 - Use sqlite3_ds.load() in xfrin module and catch Sqlite3DSError
   explicitly (r1684)

 - Change shutdown to actually SIGKILL properly (r1675)

 - Don't ignore other RRs than SOA even if the second SOA is found

 - Fix tests and testdata so can be used from a read-only source

 - Make sure python tests scripts are included in tarball (r1648)

 - Improve python detection for configure (r1622)

 - Automake the python binding of libdns (r1617)

 - Fix log errors which may cause xfrin module to crash (r1613)

 - NSEC RDATA fixes for buffer overrun lookups, incorrect boundary
   checks, spec-non-conformant behaviors (r1611)

 - Remove a re-raise of an exception that should only have been
   included in an error answer on the cc channel (r1601)

 - Removed unnecessary sleep() from (r1528)


 - Xfrin and Xfrout modules only work when build is configured
   with boost, boost-python, and python _sqlite3 support. Build
   details are documented in the BIND 10 Guide.

 - Renamed msgq to b10-msgq (Trac #25, r1747, r1748)

 - Removed print_message and print_settings configuration commands
   from Xfrin (Trac #136, r1682)

 - Changed zone loader/updater so trailing dot is not required (r1681)

 - The configure --with-boostlib option changed to --with-boost-lib

We would be very interested in your feedback!

Jeremy C. Reed
ISC Release Engineer
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (NetBSD)


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