Announce fourth development release of BIND 10: bind10-devel-20100701

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Thu Jul 1 11:56:39 UTC 2010

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	Fourth development release of BIND 10: bind10-devel-20100701

This is the fourth development release of BIND 10.  It includes
the bind10 master process, b10-msgq message bus, b10-auth authoritative
DNS server (with SQLite3 backend), b10-cmdctl remote control daemon,
b10-cfgmgr configuration manager, b10-xfrin AXFR inbound service,
b10-xfrout outgoing AXFR service, and a new C++ libdns++ library
(with python wrappers).  It contains prototype code and experimental

Documentation is included and also available via the BIND 10
website at

The bind10-devel-20100701 source may be downloaded from:

A PGP signature of the distribution is at

The signature was generated with the ISC public key, which is
available at

Users and developers are encouraged to participate on the BIND 10
mailing lists:

Bugs may be reported as tickets via the developers website
(after logging into Trac):

A summary of the significant changes since the previous release
include (from the ChangeLog):

  69.  [func]*		jelte
	Added python wrappers for libdns++ (isc::dns), and libxfr. This
	removes the dependency on Boost.Python. The wrappers don't
	completely implement all functionality, but the high-level API
	is wrapped, and current modules use it now.
	(Trac #181, svn r2361)

  68.  [func]		zhanglikun
	Add options -c(--certificate-chain) to bindctl. Override class
	HTTPSConnection to support server certificate validation.
	Add support to cmdctl.spec file, now there are three configurable 
	items for cmdctl: 'key_file', 'cert_file' and 'accounts_file', 
	all of them can be changed in runtime.
	(Trac #127, svn r2357)

  67.  [func]		zhanglikun
	Make bindctl's command parser only do minimal check.
	Parameter value can be a sequence of non-space characters,
	or a string surrounded by quotation marks (these marks can
	be a part of the value string in escaped form). Make error
	message be more friendly. (If there is some error in
	parameter's value, the parameter name will be provided).
	Refactor function login_to_cmdctl() in class BindCmdInterpreter:
	avoid using Exception to catch all exceptions.
	(Trac #220, svn r2356)

  66.  [bug]		each
	Check for duplicate RRsets before inserting data into a message
	section; this, among other things, will prevent multiple copies
	of the same CNAME from showing up when there's a loop.  (Trac #69,
	svn r2350)
  65.  [func]		shentingting
	Various loadzone improvements: allow optional comment for
	$TTL, allow optional origin and comment for $INCLUDE, allow
	optional comment for $ORIGIN, support BIND9 extension of
	time units for TTLs, and fix bug to not use class as part
	of label name when records don't have a label but do have
	a class.  Added verbose options to exactly what is happening
	with loadzone.  Added loadzone test suite of different file
	formats to load.
	(Trac #197, #199, #244, #161, #198, #174, #175, svn r2340)

  64.  [func]		jerry
	Added python logging framework. It is for testing and
	experimenting with logging ideas. Currently, it supports
	three channels (file, syslog and stderr) and five levels
	(debug, info, warning, error and critical).
	(Trac #176, svn r2338)

  63.  [func]		shane
	Added initial support for setuid(), using the "-u" flag. This will
	be replaced in the future, but for now provides a reasonable 
	starting point.
	(Trac #180, svn r2330)

  62.  [func]		jelte
	bin/xfrin: Use the database_file as configured in Auth to transfers
	bin/xfrout: Use the database_file as configured in Auth to transfers

  61.  [bug]		jelte
	bin/auth: Enable b10-auth to be launched in source tree
	(i.e. use a zone database file relative to that)

  60.	[build]		jinmei
	Supported SunStudio C++ compiler.  Note: gtest still doesn't work.
	(Trac #251, svn r2310)

  59.	[bug]		jinmei
	lib/datasrc,bin/auth: The authoritative server could return a
	SERVFAIL with a partial answer if it finds a data source broken
	while looking for an answer.  This can happen, for example, if a
	zone that doesn't have an NS RR is configured and loaded as a
	sqlite3 data source. (Trac #249, r2286)

  58.	[bug]		jinmei
	Worked around an interaction issue between ASIO and standard C++
	library headers.  Without this ASIO didn't work: sometimes the
	application crashes, sometimes it blocked in the ASIO module.
	(Trac #248, svn r2187, r2190)

  57.	[func]		jinmei
	lib/datasrc: used a simpler version of Name::split (change 31) for
	better readability.  No behavior change. (Trac #200, svn r2159)

  56.	[func]*		jinmei
	lib/dns: renamed the library name to libdns++ to avoid confusion
	with the same name of library of BIND 9.
	(Trac #190, svn r2153)

  55.	[bug]		shane
	bin/xfrout: xfrout exception on Ctrl-C now no longer generates
	exception for 'Interrupted system call'
	(Track #136, svn r2147)

  54.	[bug]		zhanglikun
	bin/xfrout: Enable b10-xfrout can be launched in source
	code tree.
	(Trac #224, svn r2103)

  53.	[bug]		zhanglikun
	bin/bindctl: Generate a unique session ID by using 
	socket.gethostname() instead of socket.gethostbyname(), 
	since the latter one could make bindctl	stall if its own 
	host name can't be resolved.
	(Trac #228, svn r2096)

  52.	[func]		zhanglikun
	bin/xfrout: When xfrout is launched, check whether the
	socket file is being used by one running xfrout process, 
	if it is, exit from python.	If the file isn't a socket file 
	or nobody is listening, it will be removed. If it can't 
	be removed, exit from python.
	(Trac #151, svn r2091)

Please share your feedback. If you currently use BIND 10 or plan
to use BIND 10 soon, please let us know.

Jeremy C. Reed
ISC Release Engineer
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