Development release of BIND 10: bind10-devel-20100917

Jeremy C. Reed jreed at
Fri Sep 17 14:31:42 UTC 2010

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	Development release of BIND 10: bind10-devel-20100917

We are pleased to announce the sixth development release of BIND 10.
This new release provides the initial implementations of NOTIFY
out and the b10-zonemgr secondary manager for keeping track of SOA
timers and other information necessary for BIND10 to act as a slave.

BIND 10 provides a C++ library for DNS (with python wrappers) and
several cooperating daemons for providing authoritative DNS service
(with SQLite3 backend and DNSSEC). It contains prototype code and
experimental interfaces. Later this year, we plan to provide another
data source backend and the first phase of the recursive caching
DNS server.

Documentation is included and also available via the BIND 10
website at

The bind10-devel-20100917 source may be downloaded from:

A PGP signature of the distribution is at

The signature was generated with the ISC public key, which is
available at

Users and developers are encouraged to participate on the BIND 10
mailing lists:

Bugs may be reported as tickets via the developers website
(after logging into Trac):

A summary of the significant changes since the previous release
include (from the ChangeLog):

  95.	[doc]		jreed
	Add b10-zonemgr manual page. Update other docs to introduce
	this secondary manager. (Trac #341, svn r2951)

  95.	[bug]		jreed
	bin/xfrout and bin/zonemgr: Fixed some stderr output.
	(Trac #342, svn r2949)

  94.	[bug]		jelte
  	bin/xfrout:  Fixed a problem in xfrout where only 2 or 3 RRs
	were used per DNS message in the xfrout stream.
	(Trac #334, r2931)

  93.	[bug]		jinmei
	lib/datasrc: A DS query could crash the library (and therefore,
	e.g. the authoritative server) if some RR of the same apex name
	is stored in the hot spot cache.  (Trac #307, svn r2923)

  92.	[func]*		jelte
	libdns_python (the python wrappers for libdns++) has been renamed
	to pydnspp (Python DNS++). Programs and libraries that used
	'import libdns_python' now need to use 'import pydnspp'.
	(Trac #314, r2902)

  91.	[func]*		jinmei
	lib/cc: Use const pointers and const member functions for the API
	as much as possible for safer operations.  Basically this does
	change the observable behavior, but some of the API were changed
	in a backward incompatible manner.  This change also involves more
	copies, but at this moment the overhead is deemed acceptable.
	(Trac #310, r2803)

  90.	[build]		jinmei
	(Darwin/Mac OS X specific) Specify DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH for tests and
	experimental run under the source tree.  Without this loadable
	python modules refer to installation paths, which may confuse the
	operation due to version mismatch or even trigger run time errors
	due to missing libraries. (Trac #313, r2782)

  89.	[build]		jinmei
	Generate b10-config.db for tests at build time so that the source
	tree does not have to be writable. (Trac #315, r2776)

  88.   [func]		jelte
	Blocking reads on the msgq command channel now have a timeout
	(defaults to 4 seconds, modifiable as needed by modules).
	Because of this, modules will no longer block indefinitely
	if they are waiting for a message that is not sent for whatever
	reason. (Trac #296, r2761)

  87.   [func]		zhanglikun
	lib/python/isc/notifyout: Add the feature of notify-out, when 
	zone axfr/ixfr finishing, the server will notify its slaves.
	(Trac #289, svn r2737)

  86.   [func]		jerry
    	bin/zonemgr: Added zone manager module. The zone manager is one 
	of the co-operating processes of BIND10, which keeps track of 
	timers and other information necessary for BIND10 to act as a 
	slave. (Trac #215, svn r2737)

  85.	[build]*	jinmei
	Build programs using dynamic link by default.  A new configure
	option --enable-static-link is provided to force static link for
	executable programs.  Statically linked programs can be run on a
	debugger more easily and would be convenient for developers.
	(Trac #309, svn r2723)

We look forward to hearing from you,

Jeremy C. Reed
ISC Release Engineer
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (NetBSD)


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