BIND 9.9.0b2 is now available

Susan Graves sgraves at
Tue Nov 22 03:03:47 UTC 2011


  BIND 9.9.0b2 is the second beta release for BIND 9.9.0 and also
  contains a security update to address CVE-2011-4313

  Please see the CHANGES file in the source code release for a complete
  list of all changes.


  The latest versions of BIND 9 software can always be found on our
  web site at There you will find
  additional information about each release, source code, and
  pre-compiled versions for Microsoft Windows operating systems.


  Product support information is available on for paid support options. Free
  support is provided by our user community via a mailing list.
  Information on all public email lists is available at

Security Fixes

  BIND 9 nameservers performing recursive queries could cache an
  invalid record and subsequent queries for that record could crash
  the resolvers with an assertion failure. [RT #26590] [CVE-2011-4313]
  New Features

 *  Add a 'named -U' option to set the number of UDP listener threads
    per interface. [RT #26485]

 *  dnssec-signzone: "-f -" prints to stdout; "-O full" option
    prints in single-line-per-record format.  [RT #20287]

 *  Add a configuration switch "dnssec-lookaside 'no'" to set
    explicitly the current default behavior.  [RT #24858]

 *  'rndc querylog' can now be given an on/off parameter instead
    of only being used as a toggle. [RT #18351]

 *  When the server logs messages about the state of recursive
    client processing, it will include the name the client had
    requested in the log messages, to make it easier to identify
    problems when they occur. Such log messages will now look similar
    to this one: 03-Nov-2011 14:14:44.981 client
    ( send

Bug Fixes

 *  Change #3186 was incomplete; dns_db_rpz_findips() could fail to set
    the database version correctly, causing an assertion failure. [RT

 *  Correct a behavior introduced in 9.9.0a3 whereby 'rndc recursing'
    could cause a core dump. [RT #26495]

 *  resolver.c:validated() was not thread-safe. [RT #26478]

 *  Correct a situation in rbtdb.c: where failure to remove a node from
    the deadnodes list prior to adding a reference to it could lead to
    a possible assertion failure. [RT #23219]

 *  Canceling the oldest query due to recursive-client overload could
    trigger an assertion failure. [RT #26463]

 *  NOEDNS caching on timeout was too agressive.  [RT #26416]

 *  Clarify the error message reported when the config parser cannot
    open a file.  [RT #22263]

 *   A query structure could be used after being freed. [RT #22208]

 *   zone.c:zone_refreshkeys() could fail to detach references correctly
     when errors occurred, causing a hang on shutdown. [RT #26372]

Thank You

  Thank you to everyone who assisted us in making this release possible.
  If you would like to contribute to ISC to assist us in continuing
  to make quality open source software, please visit our donations
  page at
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