Webinar Invite: BIND 10 Beta - the Future of BIND

ISC Support Engineering Staff support-staff at isc.org
Mon Dec 17 22:17:10 UTC 2012

Join us for the BIND 10 Beta Release webinar and learn about the groundbreaking innovations which will be in the first production release of BIND 10: ISC's ground up rewrite of the world's most implemented DNS platform.  With a highly flexible modular infrastructure, database backend, and smaller, lighter footprint, BIND 10 is poised to revolutionize DNS.

We'll discuss the specific features included in the Beta and go over some of the architecture and mechanics that make it great. You'll also learn how to become a participant in the beta program.

Whether you're a technical decision maker for your company or just interested in DNS, join us on December 17th for the first in-depth look at BIND 10 beta. 

Who should attend? 
DNS & System Admins and Technical Decision Makers

Shane Kerr -- BIND Software Engineering Director, Internet Systems Consortium
Larissa Shapiro -- Product Manager, Internet Systems Consortium
Time and Date:  
Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

7am PST (-8GMT)   http://tinyurl.com/BINDbeta7am

1pm PST (-8GMT)   http://tinyurl.com/BINDbeta1pm

9pm PST (-8GMT)   http://tinyurl.com/BINDbeta9pm
**This event does require pre-registration, Thank You.

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