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   BIND 9.9.1-P4 is the latest production release of BIND 9.9.1 (BIND
   9.9.2 is also available for download and is the latest production
   release of BIND 9.9).

   This document summarizes changes from BIND 9.9.0 to BIND 9.9.1-P4.
   Please see the CHANGES file in the source code release for a
   complete list of all changes.


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   additional information about each release, source code, and
   pre-compiled versions for Microsoft Windows operating systems.


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Security Fixes

*  A deliberately constructed combination of records could cause named
   to hang while populating the additional section of a response.
   [RT #31090]

*  Prevents a named assert (crash) when queried for a record whose
   RDATA exceeds 65535 bytes.  [RT #30416]

*  Prevents a named assert (crash) when validating caused by using
   "Bad cache" data before it has been initialized.  [RT #30025] 

*  ISC_QUEUE handling for recursive clients was updated to address a
   race condition that could cause a memory leak.  This rarely
   occurred with UDP clients, but could be a significant problem for a
   server handling a steady rate of TCP queries.  [RT #29539 & #30233]

*  A condition has been corrected where improper handling of
   zero-length RDATA could cause undesirable behavior, including
   termination of the named process.  [RT #29644]

New Features

* None

Feature Changes

*  BIND now recognizes the TLSA resource record type, created to
   support IETF DANE (DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities)
   [RT #28989]

*  A note will be added to the README in future releases to explain
   that the improved scalability provided by using multiple threads to
   listen for and process queries (change 3137, RT #22992) does not
   provide any performance benefit when running BIND on versions of
   the linux kernel that do not include the 'lockless UDP transmit
   path' changes that were incorporated in 2.6.39.  (Some linux
   distributors may have provided this functionality under their own
   version numbering systems).

Bug Fixes

*  Fixes the defect introduced by change #3314 that was causing
   failures when saving stub zones to disk (resulting in excessive CPU
   usage in some cases).  [RT #29952]

*  The locking strategy around the handling of iterative queries has
   been tuned to reduce unnecessary contention in a multi-threaded
   environment.  (Note that this may not provide a measurable
   improvement over previous versions of BIND, but it corrects the
   performance impact of change 3309 / RT #27995) [RT #29239] 

*  Addresses a race condition that can cause named to to crash when
   the masters list for a zone is updated via rndc reload/reconfig
   [RT #26732] 

*  named-checkconf now correctly validates dns64 clients acl
   definitions. [RT #27631] 

*  Fixes a race condition in zone.c that can cause named to crash
   during the processing of rndc delzone [RT #29028]

*  Prevents a named segfault from resolver.c due to procedure
   fctx_finddone() not being thread-safe.  [RT #27995]

*  Improves DNS64 reverse zone performance. [RT #28563]

*  Adds wire format lookup method to sdb. [RT #28563]

*  Uses hmctx, not mctx when freeing rbtdb->heaps to avoid triggering
   an assertion when flushing cache data. [RT #28571] 

*  Prevents intermittent named crashes following an rndc reload
   [RT #28606]

*  Resolves inconsistencies in locating DNSSEC keys where zone names
   contain characters that require special mappings [RT #28600]

*  A new flag -R  has been added to queryperf for running tests using
   non-recursive queries.  It also now builds correctly on MacOS
   version 10.7 (darwin)  [RT #28565] 

*  Named no longer crashes if gssapi is enabled in named.conf but was
   not compiled into the binary [RT #28338]

*  SDB now handles unexpected errors from back-end database drivers
   gracefully instead of exiting on an assert. [RT #28534]

*  Prevents named crashes as a result of dereferencing a NULL pointer
   in zmgr_start_xfrin_ifquota if the zone was being removed while
   there were zone transfers still pending [RT #28419] 

*  Corrects a parser bug that could cause named to crash while reading
   a malformed zone file. [RT #28467]

*  Ensures that when a client recurses its status fields are
   consistently set so that named doesn't fail on an INSIST in
   client.c:exit_check. [RT #28346] 

*  Fixed a problem preventing proper use of 64 bit time values in
   libbind. [RT # 26542] 

*  isccc/cc.c:table_fromwire could fail to free an allocated object on
   error, leading to a possible memory leak condition. [RT #28265] 

*  Fixed a build error on systems without ENOTSUP.  [RT #28200] 

*  The header file isc/hmacsha.h is now installed when building BIND.
   [RT #28169] 

*  AAAA responses will no longer be returned in the additional section
   when filter-aaaa-on-v4 is in use.  (Prior to this change, they
   would be returned for some query types). [RT #27292]

Thank You

   Thank you to everyone who assisted us in making this release
   possible. If you would like to contribute to ISC to assist us in
   continuing to make quality open source software, please visit our
   donations page at

(c) 2001-2012 Internet Systems Consortium

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