Upcoming BIND & DNSSEC trainings - Learn from the Experts

ISC Training Staff training at isc.org
Mon Sep 24 23:06:58 UTC 2012

Get your DNS or DNSSEC Certification with these upcoming trainings: 

/_*Don't miss out, Last Call for:*_//
5-Day Intro & Advanced DNS & BIND Topics	Oct 8-12//
//Bangalore, India   (Registration due by Tuesday 9/25)//
//2-Day Intro DNS & BIND 				Oct 15-16  Redwood City, CA//
//(Registration due by Oct 1st)//
//3-Day DNSSEC Implementation & Deployment Wrkshp Oct 17-19  Redwood City, CA/

_Additional 2012 trainings:
3-Day IPv6 Fundamentals Workshop		Oct 24-26  Amsterdam NL

3-Day DNSSEC Workshop				Oct 24-26  London, UK

5-Day Intro & Advanced DNS & BIND Topics	Nov 5-9    Dallas, TX

3-Day DNSSEC Workshop				Nov 12-14  Amsterdam NL

5-Day Intro & Advanced DNS & BIND Topics	Dec 17-21  Sydney, AUS

The price for certification is included with the training - More 
Certification info is here: www.isc.org/services/certification

Please see www.isc.org/support/training for additional information or email training at isc.org

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