New BIND versions are available (-W1 versions)

Michael McNally mcnally at
Thu Feb 13 03:17:41 UTC 2014

Recent maintenance releases of BIND (BIND 9.9.5, 9.8.7,
and 9.6-ESV-R11) were found to contain a defect preventing
the included dig, nslookup, and host utilities from exiting
properly when run on Microsoft Windows systems.

Only Windows systems were affected.

To address this regression, which was caused by a fix for
another issue which exposed a previously harmless bug in
BIND's Windows network code, ISC is issuing replacement
versions of the maintenance releases for Windows users.

BIND 9.9.5-W1 replaces BIND 9.9.5
BIND 9.8.7-W1 replaces BIND 9.8.7

and even though we publicly stated that there would be no
further fixes to BIND 9.6-ESV..

BIND 9.6-ESV-R11-W1 replaces BIND 9.6-ESV-R11.

(..but this time we mean it about 9.6-ESV being EOL.
Seriously. Upgrade.)

All three versions are available from:

Our apologies to the Windows users that this regression

Unix users do not need to upgrade to the new versions.

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