New BIND development releases are available: 9.9.11rc2, 9.10.6rc2, and 9.11.2rc2

Michael McNally mcnally at
Fri Jul 21 18:19:02 UTC 2017

New development versions of the upcoming maintenance releases of BIND
are available for those who want to preview them.  These are the second
release candidates for BIND 9.9.11, BIND 9.10.6, and BIND 9.11.2.

These versions replace the first release candidates, which were found
to have an include-path ordering problem which could cause problems at
build time on some systems.

In order to allow for testing of the new release candidates, final
release of the maintenance versions is now planned for next week
(unless further problems are found during the release candidate period.)

BIND 9.9.11rc2 -
  download link:
  release notes:

BIND 9.10.6rc2 -
  download link:
  release notes:

BIND 9.11.2rc2 -
  download link:
  release notes:

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