BIND 9.12.0b2 is now available

Michael McNally mcnally at
Wed Nov 8 20:20:34 UTC 2017

BIND 9.12 development is getting closer to completion!

Barring surprises, BIND 9.12.0b2, now available for download,
should be the last development beta before the release candidate.
If you want  to give it a try in time to provide us feedback before
our RC code freeze you can find the beta at:

Did you know?  Minor releases within a BIND branch tend not to
introduce new features or make major changes to existing features but
new branches are when we make significant changes to BIND.  BIND 9.12.0
will be the first release in the 9.12 series and in the release notes
you can find information about the new features, improvements, and fixes
that are included in 9.12.

You should also review the "Features Removed" section as well.
For example, going forward HMAC-MD5 will not be recommended for
RNDC keys. For backwards compatibility HMAC-MD5 can still be used,
but the default algorithm used by rndc-confgen is now HMAC-SHA256.

The release notes can be found at:

User input on development releases is an important part of improving
our software and we especially appreciate help from those who are
willing to test development releases and provide constructive
feedback.  Thank you especially to those who have provided input during
the alpha release period and also to those who will help evaluate the
new beta release.

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