BIND 9.13.5-W1 is now available. 9.13.5-W1 replaces 9.13.5 and corrects the problem with incomplete Windows zips

Michael McNally mcnally at
Tue Dec 18 23:50:08 UTC 2018

Previously we announced:

> BIND users,
> Unfortunately, the Windows zip packages for BIND 9.13.5 posted yesterday
> are missing some files. We are withdrawing these packages and we will rebuild.
> We are very sorry for the inconvenience. 

A new release of BIND 9.13 is available, BIND 9.13.5-W1


  -  Replaces 9.13.5 but is functionally the same except for
     correcting a build defect which resulted in incomplete Windows
     zips.  If you downloaded bind-9.13.5.tar.gz and built BIND from
     source there is no advantage to upgrading to BIND 9.13.5-W1

  -  However, if you tried to download or to install the 64- or 32- bit Windows
     binary packages, only to find that the zips were missing
     important .exe files, BIND 9.13.5-W1 corrects the missing
     files issue.

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