BIND 9.13.0 is now available

Michael McNally mcnally at
Fri May 25 01:06:06 UTC 2018

BIND 9.13.0 is now available and can be downloaded from

9.13 is the first branch to use ISC's new release numbering scheme.

Information on this is given in the "Note on Version Numbering"
section of the 9.13 release notes -
but to summarize:

  Previously new feature development releases were tagged as "alpha"
  and "beta", leading up to the first stable release for a given
  development branch, which always ended in ".0".

  Now, however, BIND has adopted the "odd-unstable/even-stable" release
  numbering convention. There will be no "alpha" or "beta" releases in
  the 9.13 branch, only increasing version numbers. So, for example,
  what would previously have been called 9.13.0a1, 9.13.0a2, 9.13.0b1,
  and so on, will instead be called 9.13.0, 9.13.1, 9.13.2, etc.

  The first stable release from this development branch will be renamed
  as 9.14.0. Thereafter, maintenance releases will continue on the 9.14
  branch, while unstable feature development proceeds in 9.15.

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