New versions of BIND are available

Michael McNally mcnally at
Wed Jun 19 21:40:51 UTC 2019

New maintenance releases of BIND are available which contain
bug fixes and feature improvements as well as fixes for CVE-2019-6471
(just announced today.)  The new releases can be downloaded from
our downloads page:

Release notes can be found via these links:


Additionally although official support for the 9.12 branch ended in May,
a patch release version of 9.12 is also available from the ISC
downloads page linked above.  Release notes for the 9.12 release are here:


Users who want *only* the fix for CVE-2019-6471 can request a
patch diff from us (via e-mail to security-officer at
specifying which branch they are using.

Michael McNally
ISC Support

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