New BIND releases are available: 9.16.18, and 9.17.15

Victoria Risk vicky at
Tue Jun 22 19:29:28 UTC 2021

The updated June maintenance releases of BIND 9.16 and 9.17 are available and can be downloaded from the ISC software download page, <>.

These contain the fix for the previously announced “W” typo issue in BIND 9.16.17 and 9.17.14 ( 

We delayed announcing these versions while we investigated two other issues, GL#2783 ( and GL#2786 (, which are not fixed in these versions.  If you are using dnssec-policy with the same zones in multiple views (this includes in-view configuration option) and you experience deadlocks on startup with 9.16.18, you are advised to downgrade to 9.16.16.
A summary of significant changes in these releases can be found in their release notes.
current stable version
  9.16.18  - <>

experimental development branch:

  9.17.15  - <>

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