Dynamic zone update

Nicholas Berry nberry at corp.jps.net
Tue Jan 19 16:33:09 UTC 1999

You need to specify under that zone entry in your /etc/named.conf to "allow
update { <ip address>; };
Then reload the zones and you should be able to transfer fine

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From: "Ricardo D. Albano" <ralbano at arnet.com.ar>
To: <bind-users at isc.org>
Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 2000 8:13 AM
Subject: Dynamic zone update

> Hello, I'm trying to make a dynamic update of a record with the command
> "nsupdate", the problem is that the server refuses the update for the zone
> and the message log file says : "unapproved update from [] for
> dyn.com"
> What's worng ?, I think that I missed up a command line in named.conf for
> the zone dyn.com authorizing dynamic updates from x.x.x.x but I can't find
> this commnad.
> Any ideas ?
> Tnx.
> Ricardo D. Albano

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