Split DNS on Linux

Bob Billson bob at goleader.com
Sat May 29 21:22:48 UTC 1999

On Berislav Todorovic <BERI at etf.bg.ac.yu> wrote:
> Be also advised that with BIND 8 you don't need to have separate machines
> for public and private DNS - you can bring up two named processes with
> different configuration, listening on different IP addresses (assuming
> you can assign different IP addresses to the same interface using IP
> aliasing or you have two different physical interfaces), e.g.:

I have a related question.  Until recently, I thought I saw on BIND's web
page that one of the features of 8.2 is you can run split DNS with only
*one* nameserver.  I found nothing in the docs nor further details on
the web page.  Now the page just says you can run split DNS.  An example of
how to do this was given earlier in this thread.

Question:  Can split DNS with 8.2 and only *one* nameserver (on one
machine) be done or did I mis[read|understand] the web page?  If it can be
done, how do you do configure it?

Thanks for the help.

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