dig doesn't respect "query-source address * port 53;"

Steve Snyder swsnyder at home.com
Mon Nov 1 16:38:59 UTC 1999

On Mon, 01 Nov 1999 15:44:26 GMT, Barry Margolin wrote:
>>Is there any way to have dig respect my desire to use only port 53 for
>>DNS traffic?
>No.  In fact, if named is listening on port 53, dig would find that the
>port is already in use, so it wouldn't be able to use it even if there were
>such a parameter.

OK, thanks for the info.

>Why don't you just FTP the root server list?  You don't even need to do
>this very often, as the first thing that named does when it starts up is
>the above query, and it uses that information internally.  The db.cache
>file is just used to prime the information needed for this query.

I run a script that updates the db.cache file on the 1st of the month
(hence my problem today, Nov. 1st).  I've made changes to the
firewall since the last update which is why I haven't seen this

What FTP site and filename would have this info?

*** Steve Snyder ***

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