DNS Problem, Please Help!

Eddie Kimura edkimura at pacbell.net
Mon Nov 1 08:35:43 UTC 1999

I am currently experiencing a problem with BIND 8.2.1 on a Redhat Linux 6
server at my company. I am reviewing the log files and seeing a large
amounts of errors in it. At the same time i am getting a number of users
complaing about not being able to connect to various servers on our network.
It seems like the error occurs every minute or so and reportly occurs at
various areas of our network. I was wondering if theres a bug in BIND,
Linux, or if theres any problem at all. The server is very lightly loaded
and is connected to a 100Mbps Cisco Switch. The error messages are shown

poseidon named[357]: ns_req: sendto([].4333): Connection refused
poseidon named[357]: ns_req: sendto([].2907): Connection refused
poseidon named[357]: ns_req: sendto([].2926): Connection refused
poseidon named[357]: ns_req: sendto([].3529): Connection refused

If there anyone that can help, that would be great. Any information is
appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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