BIND 8.2.2 -- Unable to build on HP/UX 11.x platform

Philipp Buehler pb at
Mon Nov 1 10:56:22 UTC 1999

On 29 Oct 1999 11:28:28 -0700, M. D. Parker
<mdpc at> wrote:
>Oh yes, omit the -ansi flag for gcc 2.8.1 or else other things fail.
>Anybody encountered this issue.....(and of course provide a fix :-)).

Ahhh, I was fighting for 4 hours already w/ 8.2.2 on 10.20 w/ gcc-2.95.2

mv port/hpux10/Makefile.set.gcc port/hpux10/Makefile.set
and s/-ansi// there does the "trick"

Btw, a "configure" would be really nice :]

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