Kevin Darcy kcd at
Mon Nov 1 19:59:08 UTC 1999

You could use the same zone file for all of the domains (using the
"@" notation to signify the origin). That would enable you to register a
bunch of .com's without the hassle of managing a bunch of identical zone

But, JUST SAY NO! This is namespace pollution. Put your products under a
subdomain. You can still use the "one zone file, multiple zones" trick, but
at least you'll not be clogging up .com with product names. Sheesh.

(For those who may think I'm being hypocritical, given the number of
"marketing" domains DaimlerChrysler has registered, e.g., I've protested virtually all of them. In very large
organizations, however, sometimes one simply gets overruled in such

- Kevin

Rudy Moore wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm just starting to get into all this DNS stuff, and have been using
> O'Reilly's DNS&BIND for reference.  Can't find a solution to this
> problem:
> - My DNS is authoritative for TLD, which has about 4 MX and
> 100 A RRs.
> - We would like to add TLD for each of the dozen products we sell
> (, etc).
> - We would like identical MX and A records for each of these productx
> TLD's.
> Is this a nightmare (have to copy my zone files for initial setup and for
> each update) or is there some clever alias or CNAME type way to have all
> these domains "point to"
> Thanks for your help,
> Rudy

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