bind-8.2.2 chroot spec for RH6

Jim Reid jim at
Tue Nov 2 01:14:30 UTC 1999

>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Wreski <dave at> writes:

    >> Make sure there's a /var/run directory (of whatever) in your
    >> chroot'ed jail. You'll need some directory like that for the
    >> ndc UNIX domain socket that ndc and named use to talk to each
    >> other. And if ndc is used in signal mode, check that the
    >> file gets written somewhere suitable in your chroot
    >> directory.

    Dave> There is in fact a /var/run directory in the chroot jail.
    Dave> How do I point ndc to this directory, though?

The pathname for ndc's socket is hard-wired into the code. (ndc does
not read named.conf.) So the directory will be whatever BIND8 chose
as the default location for your OS. Take a look at the #ifdef of
_PATH_NDCSOCK in your-OS/bin/ndc/pathnames.h.

You can also give a command line argument to ndc to override this
default. For instance "ndc -c /foobar" will make ndc use /foobar as
the socket for talking to named.

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