Strange things in v8.2.2 on Solaris7

Joseph S D Yao jsdy at
Tue Nov 2 17:39:20 UTC 1999

> > Ran make DST=/etc/bind SRC=`pwd` links
> > 
> > >From /etc/bind ran make
> > 
> > Edited /port/solaris/Makefile.set to point all of the DESTxxx directories
> > to /usr/xxx instead of /usr/local/xxx
> > 
> > Ran make install successfully
> > 
> > Now, when I try to run named, it complains that it can't open
> > /usr/local/etc/named.conf (???? I thought I got rid of /local/, re-check
> > Makefile.set, yup, it says /usr/xxx not /usr/local/xxx)

Was too much in a hurry, didn't notice this yesterday.

If you change Makefile.set, you MUST go back to the beginning, run
'make clean', 'make depend', etc.  Changing it just before running
'make install' does NOT affect the install.

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