Searching for a pre-compiled version of 822 on Winnt-Cygwinb20

Rémi Cohen-Scali remi.cohenscali at
Wed Nov 3 23:54:16 UTC 1999

I deeply searched for a Cygwin b20 pre-compiled version of Bind 822 but
wasn't lucky at all. I also had a look at the mailling list archives...
nothing more. I found a 8.1.2 patch for cygwin and is about to try it by
myself. I have not so much time to waste and is not very interrested in
making some job twice so I come to you to ask if anyone could help me find
it. If this has not still be done, I will have to as we need it ! So any
advices, tips or previous successfull/unsuccessfull try experienced will be

Thank you to the community for all your answers


								Remi Cohen-Scali
								  Stratium T&S
							  <remi.cohenscali at>

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