NT Bind 4.97 - Caching Only

Stephen Pierzchala spierzch at pacbell.net
Wed Nov 3 01:06:22 UTC 1999

Our organization has a number of machines running the NT Port of BIND 4.97
which act as caching DNS servers. Although the documentation for the NT port
states that the NT DNS setting in the Network Control panel will be ignored,
we have reports that these machines are using the Network Applet settings as
a 'fall-back' position under circumstances we have not yet been able to

This is a situation where the machines are not required to act as a
primary/secondary name server for any domains. We are using BIND in order to
circumvent the effects of regional DNS situations prevalent on many
backbones in the US -- i.e. a server co-located on Backbone X in New York
whose 'regional' DNS resides in Dallas or Chicago.

Has anyone else encountered this? We believe that the workaround is to place
the local machine and a sister machine (on the same subnet also running BIND
4.97 in cache-only mode) as the DNS servers in the Network Applet, but would
like some feedback from people who have used the NT Port over an extended

Thanks for your help on this.

Stephen Pierzchala

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