nslookup on domain not working

tmc carrari at primenet.com
Wed Nov 3 02:42:33 UTC 1999

My domain RCWIZARD.COM has been registered.  I also have registered my
name servers ns1.rcwizard.com and ns2.rcwizard.com.

The reverse DNS has been delagted to my by my ISP.

Quesiton, Why when I do an nslookup on my own domain pointing to my
ns1 host does it not find my domain.

For example,

I type in 'nslookup rcwizard.com' ->  non - existant domain.  This is
weird. it appears all other functions are working.

I am using Microsoft DNS.

2nd problem:

Another problem that I am looking into is my IP Addr is
subnet  I have created a reverse lookup zone called  In this zone it will not allow me to
create PTR records unless I first create another zone called
54.197.63.in-addr.arpa.  Once this latter is in place, I can add PTR
records.  What is the deal?

Any help would greatly be appreciated.  Email would be a plus too, as
I don't get the usenet very often.

carrari at primenet.com

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