Wildcard MX breaks A record

Christine.Tran at east.sun.com Christine.Tran at east.sun.com
Wed Nov 3 15:31:55 UTC 1999

[Bind 8.2p1 on Solaris 2.6]


I have searched the FAQ & Archives of last 3 months and did not see this mentioned.  I need to know why this does not work after the wildcard MX was added.

; zone foo.com
@  IN   SOA .... blah blah

   IN   NS  ns.foo.com.
   IN   MX  10 mail.foo.com.
*  IN   MX  10 mail.foo.com.
   IN   A

ftp	IN	A
dialup	IN	A
www	IN	CNAME	foo.com.

ftp and dialup resolves fine.  but the foo.com A RR and its dependent, www, does not resolve.  Here's what it looks like:

> ftp.foo.com.
Server:  ns.foo.com

Name:    ftp.foo.com

> foo.com.
Server:  ns.foo.com

Name:    foo.com

> www.foo.com.
Server:  ns.foo.com

Name:    www.foo.com

foo.com and www.foo.com is not resolved.  Is this a bug/break?  Have I done something fundamentally dumb?  Could I have tweaked the compile or the named.conf?


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