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Jim Reid jim at mpn.cp.philips.com
Wed Nov 3 15:25:23 UTC 1999

>>>>> "Xunhua" == Xunhua WANG <xwang4 at gmu.edu> writes:

    Xunhua> We are running BIND 4.97 for NT. Now we plan to upgrade it
    Xunhua> to BIND822 (for NT).

    Xunhua> How can we port the orignal configuration file to the new
    Xunhua> BIND? It seems that there are a lot of changes for the
    Xunhua> configuration: for example, the BIND497 uses
    Xunhua> c:\winnt\named.boot but BIND822 uses
    Xunhua> c:\winnt\system32\dns\etc\named.conf, and so on? 

Use the named-bootconf script that's bundled with BIND8. It converts a
named.boot file to its named.conf equivalent. You'll probably have to
run this on a UNIX system => transferring the named.boot file from
your NT box to the UNIX system, creating the named.conf file there and
copying that back to your NT box.

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