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Jim Reid jim at mpn.cp.philips.com
Wed Nov 3 16:35:20 UTC 1999

>>>>> "Barry" == Barry Margolin <barmar at bbnplanet.com> writes:

    >> Use the named-bootconf script that's bundled with BIND8. It converts a
    >> named.boot file to its named.conf equivalent. You'll probably have to
    >> run this on a UNIX system => transferring the named.boot file from
    >> your NT box to the UNIX system, creating the named.conf file there and
    >> copying that back to your NT box.

    Barry> Why would he have to run it on Unix?  I haven't looked
    Barry> closely at the program (which is no longer a script, it was
    Barry> rewritten in C in 8.2), but I can't imagine that it does
    Barry> anything that can't be done in completely portable C.

Well I've not looked at named-bootconf for a long time too. [I guess
it's been a while since either of us had to upgrade from BIND4.] In
8.2.2, named-bootconf is a shell script. This means it won't run on
NT, unless you have some sort of UNIX emulation code running on that
box. named-bootconf used to be a perl script in the early days of
BIND8. I don't think it was ever written as a C program.

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