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Joseph S D Yao jsdy at cospo.osis.gov
Wed Nov 3 19:34:37 UTC 1999

> We are running BIND 4.97 for NT. Now we plan to upgrade it to BIND822 (for
> NT).
> How can we port the orignal configuration file to the new BIND? It seems
> that there are a lot of changes for the configuration: for example, the
> BIND497 uses c:\winnt\named.boot but BIND822 uses
> c:\winnt\system32\dns\etc\named.conf, and so on?

The primary change is the format of the file.  There is a shell script,
'named-bootconf', that will do most of this for you.  There is also a
PERL version, so if you have PERL on your MSW-NT system, you can run
it.  I do not know whether the PERL version has all the changes that
the shell script has.

For that matter, there are shell clones that you could install on your
MSW-NT system, to run the shell script.

The zone files are virtually identical.  Newer BINDs enforce the
already-existing rules more strongly.  Also, the "time-to-live" (TTL)
field of the SOA has a new meaning.  You should copy that value up to a
"$TTL" directive that should be the first line in the file, e.g.:

$TTL		86400	; default time to live is 1 day

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