Build 8.2.2 on Slackware

Jasper Veltman please at
Wed Nov 3 19:42:23 UTC 1999

On 3 Nov 1999 10:28:27 -0800, please at (Jasper Veltman) wrote:

>After trying without success to get 8.2.1 to compile on my Slackware
>3.6 (2.0.38) box, I tried my luck with the new 8.2.2. This one also
>fails (on nslookup), but the error is somewhat different (see below).
>Can anybody give me directions how to fix this?
<snip> large error </snip>

A line from the 8.1.2 errata fixed the problem, check it if you have
the same problem:


jasper {at} webminds {dot} nl

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