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Steve Snyder swsnyder at
Wed Nov 3 20:26:04 UTC 1999

Paul Jacobs wrote:
> F.Y.I. -
> I found a hole in bind 8.2.1 that allowed a hacker to gain root access to
> my red hat box running 8.2.1, and start using my system as a gateway!!
> I reloaded my Red hat box and went back to the bind version that comes with
> 5.2 and all is well agian..
> Best regards,
> Paul Jacobs /Senior Network Eng.
> Commerce Service Provider (CSP)
> Internet Presence Provider (IPP)
> Streaming Video and MPEG
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Please send a copy of this to the guy at RedHat who built the BIND
v8.2.1 SRPM so that RH may release a fix for this.  According to the
note in the bind.spec file:

  Fri Sep 24 1999 Preston Brown <pbrown at>

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