MX Record Problem?

Barry Margolin barmar at
Wed Nov 3 21:02:31 UTC 1999

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Doug Snowden  <dsnowden at> wrote:
>I have an older IBM machine that has been our
>mail machine for some time now. It is running
>AIX 3.2.5 and sendmail.  I also have a linux box running linux 5.0 and
>sendmail.  In our dns file (AIX 3.2.5 machine)
>I have the IBM machine as MX 20 and the linux
>box as MX 10.  Eventually I want to remove the
>IBM machine and have the linux box do mail alone.
>As it stands now, with both IBM and linux running
>I get some mail from the linux box and some from the IBM box.  It is not
>random, because if I look
>at messages from certain sites, they always go to
>a particular machine at all times.  I'm pretty
>confused here.  Don't know if I have something
>configured wrong or what. Maybe some external mail
>packages don't know or like MX records?

They wouldn't be able to send to some very well known sites if they didn't
support MX records.  Maybe the problem is that they're having trouble
communicating with your Linux box.  Since it's always the same sending
sites, you could try working with their admin and ask them to try to
connect to your Linux box from thair mail server and see what the results

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