dig: OK. ping: unknown host ??

Bettina Behle behle at tecs.de
Wed Nov 3 21:32:50 UTC 1999

David Cress wrote:

> Is it possible that the lib's that the ping that came with
> LINUX is using are no compatible with the lib's
> BIND v4.9.7 is using?  In other words, is BIND using a
> different libresolv.a than your ping command?

I think that the libs are the key to the problem.
I can't tell exactly (have only one libresolv.a on the machine),
but I will replace the networking tools and upgrade to BIND 8.
My identically configuered SuSE-Linux machine at home
(I copied all essentail files over for checking) does not have
the problem, I think reinstalling should help.
If it does, I'll post a short notice.


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