Bind 8.2.2-REL eating CPU time in tight loop (HP-UX 10.20)

Lutz Jaenicke Lutz.Jaenicke at aet.TU-Cottbus.DE
Thu Nov 4 13:39:42 UTC 1999

On Thu, Nov 04, 1999 at 11:35:17PM +1100, Mark_Andrews at wrote:
> 	The alternative is that select() is broken (or breaks under
> 	load).  I am not aware of any such bug, but it wouldn't hurt
> 	to check with HP if they are aware of one and if so do they
> 	have a fix.

I digged around at the HP Electronic Support Center and didn't find a
corresponding hint. Some access is limited, so I am not sure whether
I could check all resource, but at least I didn't find anything.

There is one patch
PHKL_14282 s700 10.20 select(2) system call cumulative patch
but the description does not fit:
PHKL_14282: HANG
        Processes will sleep and never wakup (process
        appears hung).  Note that these are individual
        processes, and not the entire system.
(The older superseded patch I have installed on the system).

So, pending other responses on this list, I will do two things:
- Install this patch (even though I doubt that it will cure the problem).
- Recompile named with debugger support and wait until it happens again.
  I think I can afford this, because in my experience named will consume
  CPU time but will also continue its service, so I can just let it run
  and attach the debugger once the critical state is reached.
Any hints on additional debugging support??

Many thanks so far,
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