Underscore Character

Jesus Quiroz jquiroz at hokaido.ivic.ve
Thu Nov 4 17:38:36 UTC 1999


I'm installing bind 8.2.2, but I want to know if the underscore
character ( _ ) is valid characer for a hostname, because I'm
receiving the following error messages:

Nov  4 19:23:46 ivic2 named[189]: owner name "ivic_router1.ivic.ve" IN
(primary) is invalid - rejecting

Nov  4 19:23:47 ivic2 named[189]: host name "ivic_router1.ivic.ve"
(owner "") IN (primary) is invalid - rejecting

The definition for ivic_router1.ivic.ve in my full zone file for the
domain ivic.ve is:

ivic_router1    IN      A
                IN      WKS udp
                IN      WKS tcp smtp ftp telnet finger
                IN      HINFO   Cisco-2500 IGS-I-L-11.1(5).

and the definition for ivic_router1.ivic.ve
in zone 1.186.150.in-addr.arpa is:

18            IN      PTR     ivic_router1.ivic.ve.

thanks and regards


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