Network Solutions Not Responding?

dreamwvr dreamwvr at
Fri Nov 5 13:59:50 UTC 1999

hi all,
      i have a client that wants me to register all possible combos 
for their co name .. and to make certain their registry is correct 
and if not to change it.. can someone point me to the exact page for 
updates at network solutions as well as since there are other domain
suffixes these days which co handles these as i need to register these
as well. well i hope this is direct enough..
								dreamwvr at
>> Hi there,
>> We tried to change the DNS host information with Network Solutions since
>> last Tuesday and nothing has happened.  Our email is no longer working now
>> because of the delay.  Does anyone know what is going on inside Network
>> Solutions?
>> Thanks,
>> C. J.
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earth in March, 2028.  Millions of UNIX coders expressed relief for being 
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