DNS Resolve Problem

Joseph S D Yao jsdy at cospo.osis.gov
Fri Nov 5 16:34:52 UTC 1999

> I am running Bind 4.9.7 on an NT 4.0 server, SP4.
> I have had no real problems resolving addresses until last week.
> I have one specific domain name that will not resolve, which is
> When I use nslookup, I get DNS request time outs.
> When I set debug, my domain name is appended to MCIWORLD.COM.
> I can not see any problems with my resolve.conf file.
> I have the following 2 entries:
> 	domain	mitchellrepair.com
> 	nameserver
> Any help would be appreciated
> Paula

Append a dot ('.') to the name to tell 'nslookup' that it is an
absolute name, rather than a name relative to your domain.

	% nslookup mciworld.com.

To turn this off by default, some versions of 'nslookup' allow you to
enter "set nosearch" into a file ".nslookuprc" in your home directory.
But I see you're running a port to a proprietary operating system - I
don't know how that would work on MSW-NT.

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