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Cricket Liu cricket at
Fri Nov 5 17:32:03 UTC 1999

>       When I do an nslookup on "" (with no
> dot) the query will first
> append "", then it will append
> and finally it
> looks for the correct name.   So the first query will look like:
> the rcode for this query is "NXDOMAIN"
> What does NXDOMAIN mean? None-existent domain?

Yup:  "No such domain name."

> The second query starts without any delay and looks for :
> On this query it times out three times for a total of 42 seconds.
> the opcode of query returns an rcode of SERVFAIL.
> Why do I get two different rcodes and why is it timing out?

A SERVFAIL error is an indication of a fairly severe problem
somewhere.  If everything were working correctly, you'd get
another NXDOMAIN response.

Perhaps there's a problem with the name servers.
You could check that.  Or you could turn on your local name server's
debugging and look for an indication of what's going wrong.


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