Updates to NetSol registrations by ISP!

Bill Myers wmyers at tns-inc.com
Fri Nov 5 17:37:18 UTC 1999

As usual, right you are! Thanks. It's an unfortunate coincidence for those of
us who do not RTM that Domain and Delete begin with the same letter of the

I guess, then, that it is valid to fill in only the changed fields on the


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> >Apparently, our ISP is initiating domain registration forms to Network
> >Solutions to replace knock.ser.bbnplanet.net with
> dnsauth[123].sys.gtei.net.
> >
> >Can someone help me understand why these would be submitted as a delete
> >request followed by a modification request? We are replying NO to the
> >authorization requests from Net Sol. Yes, we are contacting the ISP.
> >
> >It seems this should have been submitted as a simple modification! Am I
> >missing something?
> Where do you see a Delete request?  All I see in your post is a Modify
> request for the domain.  Are you interpreting
> >1b. Type............: D
> as meaning that the request type is (D)elete?  That Type field refers to
> the type of record being modified, and D stands for Domain.
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